Lets Cut to the Chase ...

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  1. Gorgeous!! Love the color, it's great on a Kelly Cut.
  2. i took some pics today - went to thank my lovely SA with some ... CUPCAKES !!!

    Attached Files:

  3. I love love the size too! Perfect for a Day Bag yet dressy enough for evenings!!


    Crap! Another one on the Wishlist....
  4. ^ indeed !!

    U HAVE to get one !!! :smile:
  5. You look gorgeous, tosca! So soon after DS's birth, too! Congrats on scoring the KC, it's such a beautiful combo. :tender:
    Your kiddies are really adorable - I love the 1st 2 pics! :lol:

  6. Beautiful Kelly Longue!!!!

    I see more organge boxes in the back!!!:yes:
  7. GORGEOUS! That is a very beautiful clutch!
  8. Beautiful kelly cut! Congrats! By the way, your kids are so adorable!
  9. Ooooh! Congrats, Tosca - she is lovely (as are you)!!

  10. You temptress!! Why do you have to look so darn good with it? :P;)
  11. toscaong,


  12. What a beauty! Enjoy!
  13. Congratulations!!!!! :nuts:That looks so elegant, the parchemin and GH, I really enjoy the cut!!!!! And you look fantastic!!!! I could not have such will power with those cupcakes!!! YUM!!!
  14. Congratulations on your beautiful Kelly Cut! You wear it with class and style!
    What's in the other boxes??? (sorry, can't help asking) ;)
  15. you look great with your new clutch - it's really beautiful.