Lambskin vs Caviar?


Which do you prefer?

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  1. I ADORE lambskin but at this point am not really willing to carry it. I have 3 young children and I am not really easy on my bags.
    Caviar or distressed calfskin for me!:yes:
  2. I agree with Swanky. Caviar is very durable compared to lambskin, which I think you get more for your money, if that makes sense. The distressed leather is SOOO SOFT if you're looking for the softness of lambskin, but not having to worry about visible scratches!
  3. i love the look of caviar myself. it's a bit fresher to me than lambskin, though both are gorgeous obviously.
  4. I prefer the lambskin because it's the softest leather I have ever felt ( the Balenciaga girls will prolly kill me for saying that!!!) but the caviar is great for a day bag. I'd prefer to have a few of each leather, hihi!
  5. get both...but probably better to start with caviar and then lambskin.

    caviar is good for everyday but lambskin is nice on the special days.
  6. If you are looking for an everyday bag then I would go for the caviar. You can always get a lambskin clutch or east/west later on.
  7. caviar for me too! Its more durable and easy to care for. With lambskin, I'm too afraid to bring it out in the rain and it might get stained easily, too delicate for my everyday use.
  8. caviar!!!
  9. I love the look and feel of lambskin. They just get so smushy and soft after a while. But I prefer caviar or calfskin because it's easier to manage.
  10. I'm sold by the creamy softness of lambskin. I tend to be quite rough and tumble with my bags, so Im surprised at how my lambskin Chanel has been holding up. I use it everyday and it's been doing better than my Prada
  11. I like the way lambskin looks a lot better, but I guess looks aren't the only factor.
  12. That's good news!

    I am getting a classic flap in about a month and I am so torn between caviar and lambskin. I have changed my mind so many times I don't know what to do.

    But if the lambskin holds up ok then I think I will have to get the lambskin :p
  13. miani - welcome to the forum and I LOVE the shoes in your avatar...I want them!
  14. i love the feel of lambskin, except the maintanance.My next bag is definitely caviar.
  15. i love lambskin and used to dislike caviar, but i must say the look of caviar has really been growing on me as of late! Still, i prefer the LOOK of lambskin to caviar... but for practical reasons i like caviar better than lambskin.