Lambskin vs Caviar?


Which do you prefer?

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  1. Hi! I just bought my first Chanel bag, used but in excellent condition, a 2.55 (224) lambskin black bag and I'm just curious as to the difference between the lambskin and the caviar leather. Which is more expensive? Thanks! :smile:
  2. Lambskin is smoother and much more delicate = couple hundred dollars more expensive

    Caviar is bumpier and much more durable = won't scratch as easily
  3. ^ Yep, what she said ;)

    Personally, I have lambskin in purses I will only use in special occassions and caviar in everyday purses :smile:
  4. they're right ;)
    the caviar has a lightly textured feel, you know it's caviar right away.
    the lambskin is the softest Chanel leather and is least durable but SOOO soft. The Chanel SA I spoke w/ last week told me that the newer lambskin seems to have a 'finish' on it and doesn't seem quite as "vulnerable" as it was in past seasons.
  5. Personally, I love lambskin or deerskin vs. Caviar which I find a little stiff but I'm really partial to soft leathers. Lambskin does need a little extra attention.....
  6. Calfskin is also a good material :smile:
    I have a tan purse on that and its really nice! Not as soft as lambskin though!
  7. ^ I agree, calfskin is also fab!
    Can Chanel go wrong!? LOL!

  8. Lambskin is more expensive. But caviar is more durable, and I know with my track record :amazed: I tend to stick with bags in caviar.
  9. How can you tell the difference between a calfskin and lambskin?
  10. i like Caviar and Calfskin
  11. Caviar is 'heavier' and has got texture. Lambskin is soft and smooth.
  12. Hi all,
    Please do tell me what you prefer and why. Thanks!
  13. definitely caviar .. more classy + durable
  14. lambskin...more classy- less durable though....
  15. it really depends on how you are with bags. i tend to be rough and hate having the thought of needing to be extra careful so i lean more towards the caviar side. but the lambskin is unbelievable soft and does capture the true color in a amazingly way. scratches will show along with those imperfections that make the bag unique.
    sorry if i have not been any help.