Lambskin vs Caviar?


Which do you prefer?

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  1. I prefer the look/feel of lambskin.
  2. For me, rather than going for practicality of how the leather will hold up, I think in aesthetic-wise how the different texture (cavier vs lambskin) actually compliments different color leathers -

    Personally, my preferred combos of colors I have seen so far (leather + color) -

    black + cavier
    ivory white + cavier
    pink + cavier
    navy + cavier
    taupe + cavier

    hot pink + lambskin
    burgundy + lambskin
    baby blue + lambskin
    red + lambskin
    coral + lambskin
    plum + lambskin

    other colors like tan, peach - I cant decide as they look good in either leather.
  3. there is only one for me and that is the lovely lambskin! i love the smell of my lambskin bags (if thats not too weird!:upsidedown: )
  4. I actually have both kind so I like both but I do lean more towards lambskin...even though you have to be more careful with it...I was just in Chanel at Neiman Marcus yesterday and was going nuts over both the lambskin and caviar classic flap bags with the silver hardware...hopefully I will be making a purchase on one of them soon...
  5. I like both and yes lambskin needs extra attention.
  6. Thanks Nerdphanie. I am waiting for those shoes to come in (if they ever do that is).

    The Melbourne store just got in their new stock today and I just picked up my first Chanel. I got the large classic flap in Caviar with silver hardware :yahoo:

    I am still a little bit undecided as to whether I should have picked the lambskin but I am afraid that I would ruin it. I was carrying a red bag that I bought last year that is now completely faded and that convinced me to get the Caviar.

    I am now back at work and totally showing off the bag - one of the girls was even smelling it and saying that it smelt really good :p
  7. caviar - i like the look and uniqueness of it, and it's an added bonus that it is alot more durable. it also keeps its shape better than the lambskin.

    that said though the lambskin is lush! but not for me, maybe because i am accident prone :p
  8. At the trunk show, the Chanel guy said that they sell much more caviar in the states and more lambskin in Europe.
    I lean toward caviar because it is much more durable. My first classic flap theat is 10 y.o. still looks brand new.
  9. The lambskin is so wonderful and soft but I'm afraid of it. It's very delicate.

    I prefer the caviar or the distressed leather calfskin.
  10. I am trying to decide between buying a lambskin or caviar bag. Any thoughts on which is better?
  11. depends on your use.
    Lambskin is Chanel's most delicate, caviar is Chanel's most durable.
    Lambskin LOOKS and is more Luxe, but not as practical for everyday use as caviar.
  12. caviar! I have lambskin (I think - at least it's one of those fragile skins) and it's a nightmare to carry because I'm always worried it will get scratched. And the caviar is a lot cheaper too :graucho: However, as Swanky said, it's all about what you're gonna use it for. If you need an evening bag, go for the lambskin since it's more nice to look at and luxurious, but if you want a bag you can actually use without being paranoid, go for caviar. Good luck on deciding :flowers:
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  13. my SA at Saks showed me how delicate the lambskins are when i was trying to decide between the two. She showed me a brand new lambskin and it was already damaged on the inside flap (because of pressure from the chains) and then she picked up a caviar and scratched it continuously with her nails, and it was fine! so i decided to get caviar.
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  14. when i bought my east west it was brand new in the box with all the tissue still on it. when i finally took it out 2 days later i saw the inside was all scratched already even though it had never been used! i returned it because i would rather make the scratches myself. i still think lambskin is prettier though.
  15. I prefer lambskin over caviar as I like a softer leather for looks and I like a smushier bag in general.However the Caviar DOES hold up better