Lambskin vs Caviar?


Which do you prefer?

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  1. Visually the lambskin is more beautiful. The caviar definitely holds up better and I'm not afraid to carry it. I prefer the caviar or distressed lambskin. I need to be able to wear my bags and not worry so much.
  2. I love them both!!! If it's going to be a bag that get's tons of use - go for the Caviar. Everyone's right about this. I have both, and my lambskin one is reserved for fancier occassions!!!! The Caviar flap is for everyday use.
  3. love the caviar!
  4. I absolutely love the lambskin, but I agree with everyone else when they say that the caviar is better for everyday use. I'm currently struggling with the same decision myself, and I'm still not sure which one to buy.

  5. Yup.:yes:
  6. I bought a med/lg lambskin flap but with the idea that I would use it as a dinner/evening event bag not for day use. For day (and evening) use I would pick caviar.
  7. That sounds graphic and horrorible...:wtf: :sweatdrop: BUT yes, that's exactly how my sa showed me how fragile lambskin is.
  8. seeing this post is making me doubt my purchase of the ultimate soft, since it is in lambskin and i had planned on using it quite often.
  9. The Ultimate SOft is different though, the finish is not the same as the Classics.
    I think it's Golden{?}, she uses her's almost everyday and it's great. It doesn't wear like the other finishesx apparently.
  10. I prefer the caviar myself but if you're getting a clutch I'd go with lambskin
  11. thanks, that makes me feel better...i do intend on using it everyday, so it better holds up
  12. It sounds like the choice really comes down to whether or not you want to have a special evening bag or a regular use bag. I think this helps a lot.
  13. Caviar. I don't like to have to worry about my bags. I carried my Mom's beige lambskin once and only went to dinner and it had some small scratches. Too delicate for me. I like the look of the caviar better anyway. :smile:
  14. It's such a tough call - I just got my first lambskin and it's soo much nicer to the touch and better looking IMHO than the caviar I have. But it's so high maintenance! A couple of little grease splatters from dinner out left some faint marks on the leather, and the corners are very delicate.

    My caviar is like a rock on the other hand - I still remember when it flew out of my grocery cart and skidded several feet on a parking lot... not a single scuff in sight!

    LIke the other gals said, if you want to use your bag regularly, get caviar. But if you're prepared to baby it, the lambskin is TDF!
  15. Another consideration is the color of the bag you want. If it's a light color, I would choose the caviar leather. For a black bag, you can get away with lambskin a bit more easily. I have touched up my vintage black lambskin bag where it has been scuffed or scratched, and it looks pretty good. For an every day bag, as everyone has already stated, the caviar leather is the best!