Kristen is LEAVING!!!!!!

  1. Looks awesome! The laila is stunning as well. I guess I need to go on a hunt.;)
  2. I never saw one...Didn't they sell out on the website?
  3. I think that they sold out on the website. I have a black one and I like it but I regret not getting the slate one.
  4. Thanks for letting me know. I wish that they would ship. I really want a tote and another Laila in fawn.
  5. Shoot! I wanna go!

  6. those heffa's stopped shipping a few months ago - guess they didnt need any extra sales
  7. I have a black one and I'm not. Every SA I talked to said not to use anything on it.
  8. So wrong. If I didn't live 13 hours away I would do a road trip.

  9. I guess I should have been there by now - I am 1 hour 45 mins day - I will take the drive.....I must reallllllly want the bag bc I have 6 stores around me
  10. You are so blessed! It seems like they didn't send any of the high dollar bags down here. I did find a Pinnacle Leather Allie 18665 though. It's even more beautiful in person. It was $800 but is now marked down to $310. If you go let us know what beautiful Lailas and Pinnacle totes you see.

  11. I heard Atlantic City got them - I think most went to outlet flaship stores but I could be wrong but that is what it sounds like to me
  12. I think you're right about that because that's what I was told when I called.
  13. They will do charge sends
  14. Weirddd. I adked them when I was there a few days ago and they said they would...nothing makes sense
  15. Yes AC had them!