Kelly Sellier bag charm

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  1. It’s so adorable! Congratulations and enjoy!
  2. Just got mine! The detail is crazy. Black box with gold hardware.

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  3. This is probably the best looking Kelly charm I have seen. I’m really not a fan of contrast stitching, so this one really looks super sharp!! And the box leather makes it look extra special!
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  4. That charm in box leather (with GHW!)--c'est magnifique!
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  5. Thank you!!:flowers:

    Gorgeous! Love it in box with gold!! Enjoy her and do share action pics :heart::love:
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  6. Too beautiful for words! Please show us some action shots...and the box it came in ...
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  7. May I ask you ladies with this adorable micro Kelly how you are able to get it??
    Are you a veteran H shopper, and your SA always offers you the best and newest items? Or did you let your SA know months in advance what you wanted?
    How early did you ask you SA if you did? Did you let them know which color you wanted? Were all the varieties readily available? Did most stores get a lot? Anyone have any other information to share?
    I’m just desperate for one and desperate to know! Thanks in advance!
  8. I thought they'd be more similar in size, but this shows how tiny the Kelly is compared to the Delvaux Brillant from ms_bubbleluv on IG:
  9. Thank you for this! I thought they would be similar in size too! But this, along with the level of detail we’ve seen in pictures so far, just makes me more impressed with Hermès craftsmanship! Because it’s so tiny yet still so detailed, even more detailed than other, larger, mini bags out there!
  10. Any more intel on this? especially interestecto see comparison shots with jacquemus chiquiti....
  11. The appear to have also been made in Peau Porc.
  12. Adding this post by EV23 to this thread! I screamed when I saw her pics, they’re soooooo cute on the mini Kelly 2!
  13. I’ve been shopping with my SA at H for about 3.5 years and let her know I wanted this Kelly several months ago. She put my name down for a rose lipstick one. However, since the item was in high demand at my store they didn’t go by the waitlist and instead did a drawing for each of the pieces. Luckily my SAs name was picked so she was able to choose a client to sell the kelly twilly to. I’m sure each store will handle things differently though. I think my store wanted to try to make things more fair by doing the drawing as there were more clients who wanted the Kelly twilly than items to go around. I’ve seen others post on ig that they were able to see several colors and even exotic versions of this Kelly at one time before making a choice but not sure how established of a client they were at that particular store?

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  14. twins :biggrin::biggrin: I bought mine from a reseller
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  15. Thank you for that! I’m quite new to Hermès, so I guess my chances are low even though my SA says he’ll try for me. If I can’t get it the regular route i’ll try the reseller route! I just really *must* have one
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