Kelly Twilly Bag Charm


Jan 20, 2007
There will be new Kelly Sellier bag charms coming for FW19 and we've had a teased of it at press preview. A few more pics have recently surfaced, so sharing them here. (credit: faye_tsui and favloves via Instagram)
Kellycharm05.png Kellycharm01.png KellyCharm02.png KellyCharm04.png KellyCharm03.png

I don't have info on the dimensions but I do know that the turnlock and sangles are fully functional. I've been told that these will also come in exotic leather including lizard but I don't recall if it's just lizard trim or fully lizard. This little charm is priced accordingly given the meticulous work on its miniature size. (Price is just a little less than a Garden Party 30 in Negonda :sweatdrop:) It will be available for SS20 as well as it was available at podium. Don't despair if you can't get hold of one for FW19! ;) :giggle:
Jun 5, 2012
Seems like a mini bag charm is in trend. Bottega also has been producing its mini weave bag charm recently. Considering widely copied Rodeo charm is priced at $700, a more meticulous and working hardware of sellier Kelly bag charm priced at $3000 ish seems "reasonable".
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Perfect is the enemy of awesome
May 23, 2009
Those Kelly charms are adorable. However, I tend to buy bag charms as a (relatively) inexpensive way to update a bag without buying a whole new bag. I brace myself for the pricing.....
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