Juicy Charms...and the oh-so elusive *RARE* ones!

  1. bulletproofsoul - That is so sad that they took advantage of you when you were ill. It sounds like you had a wonderful collection. I was wondering...are you still collecting charms?
  2. I borrowed this pic from NM because it shows the globe charm I have never seen and also has a bunch of other rare charms from that season.:yes:
    rare charms.jpg
  3. Oh! That globe is cute! Anyone knows that the 3rd charm in that row is? To the left of the horseshoe..
  4. I think that's the slot machine...
  5. It's the slot machine. I would love to get hands on one of those but every time they are on feebay they go for ridiculous amounts.
  6. I like the globe and the apple, never seen either one.
  7. Seriously. I missed TWO this year though for great prices...one was about $55 and the other was $25 because the seller didn't know what they had. Uggggh. I talked to the person who bought it though since I had gotten a charm from that seller too and wanted to make sure everything was on the up and up with them. She didn't SEEM like a reseller so I'm happy for her, but I don't know why I'm always like, a millisecond late for these great deals!
  8. No, not collecting anymore. The thought of trying to find and replace the ones stolen just makes me too upset, so what I have left just sits in my closet. :sad:
  9. Aww.... :sad: Don't give up. I know how you feel. Maybe you can just collect new the new ones?
  10. Oooh! The slot machine is cute!! Don't worry Rebecca. I'm sure you will get one eventually! :heart:
  11. You're story is extremely sad! My :heart: goes out to you - Juicy charms are more than the $, I think some of us are very attached to them for other reasons! Personally, even if I had more than my 5, I don't think that I could ever sell one, unless I had a double of it!!

    I have yet to see that globe one even pop on eBay...I saw the apple a few times and it went for pretty high if I recall.

    Ugh I had no idea the apple pie was a good one! I could've got that one for cheap not too long ago! Grrr...

    Aww I'm so glad people actually posted in this... :shame:
  12. :wtf:up recall those? I use to wear mine around my waist as a belt. So upset my rents tossed out when they moved to their new home. That is why I am so obsessed with JC charms now. I am capturing a lil bit of my youth.
  13. The apple is on Ebay!

    Pics attached for reference. Credit to angeltlc44.

    juicy apple.jpg juicy apple2.jpg

  14. I love the GLOBE too, and the little candy dispenser! I wonder if the Globe actually spins? If so, then that'll be even cuter!!

  15. I have heard the globe does indeed SPIN!!!:yes::heart: