Juicy Charms...and the oh-so elusive *RARE* ones!

  1. Aw, how cute!!

    And I know the sled is rare, but the picnic basket isn't just yet. It will be eventually though. You don't see them around too much but they don't usually sell for a super high price.

    And ooh, good idea, I'll post a pic of mine too lol.
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    Ok I took 2 pics, one of the rarer ones and the second one is of the ones that are harder to find, but not totally rare yet. The rest of the ones that I have are pretty common.

    But dangit, I just realized I forgot a couple, the yacht, do not disturb sign and the older tropical drink like tatertot has.

    Pic 1-
    Back row (in boxes): gingerbread man, dollar spinner, pave microphone
    Others (left to right): pink mint tin, crown w/red stone, cherry pie, frog prince, fawn, headphones
    Next section (left to right): mother of pearl guitar, fortune cookie, pink duck, truth or dare bottle spinner, caviar jar, Russian nesting doll, Juicy Pop lollipop, pave peppermint
    Last section (left to right): Valentine heart candy box, royal flush cards, gelato/ice cream cone, 3D shamrock

    Pic 2-
    Picnic basket, watermelon slice, rocking horse, reindeer, soldier/nutcracker, champagne bottle, wedding cake

    Also, ITA about the prices...my most expensive charm used to be the pave lips, it was about $60...the rest were $35-$50. :push:
    100_1081.JPG 100_1082.JPG
  3. Ok here are the others I forgot. I need to keep them all in the same place lol.

    In this pic are...
    Ice pop, do not disturb sign, gingerbread house, yacht, old tropical drink and swallow. I don't know how rare the swallow is but I rarely see him around.
  4. I love that Do not disturb charm LV. It is one of my faves and I have wanted one forever. If you ever want to swap my pumpkin for that cutie you just let me know ;)
  5. here are my "rare" charms. i really want the pave blowfish... too cute!
    d.jpg e.jpg f.jpg g.jpg
  6. i was so mad i missed out on the basket charm a few days ago... it only ended around $30 something too!

    and i was watching a watermelon charm but i forgot about it bc i was too busy watching tv. I checked back only to see it ended at like $40.
  7. I LOVE the bird charm and was looking for it on eBay, but it was a little too much $$. :crybaby:

    Has anyone seen the orange treasure chest? That one looks pretty cool too...
  8. tatertot- will do!

    The Pink Parrot- I swear, that is the oddest charm to me, I remember seeing it in the store maybe once, but now it's nowhere to be found. It's so cute but geez, I wouldn't think that one would have been rare. :blink:
    As for the treasure chest, I think I remember someone saying that their outlet had them in.

  9. Oh, is the treasure chest new?

    I recently sent Juicy corporate a suggestion for a mourning dove charm that would open up on the bottom to an egg inside w/ a Juicy slogan on it. (As you can tell someone here loves birds. :smile: ) I hope they make it!
  10. Just happened to peek into this thread.

    I used to be way into collecting Juicy charms, but they are now a source of sadness to me, as I had my double charm bracelet stolen by my former cleaning ladies. :sad: We ended up recovering it, but it was damaged and many of my favorites were just plain gone. :crybaby:

    I had some rare ones and I still have the rare Hollywood charms bracelet, and the 05 silver winter charms bracelet. Growing up in Vegas (and residing here now), I had to have all the Vegas charms, so I had the roulette wheel, slot machine, dollar spinner, poker chip, die. I also had some music charms: microphone, guitar (blue), headphones, music note, record player, boombox. I still have the hula girl/snowglobe, caviar (damaged), microphone, headphones, champagne cork (damaged), fortune cookie (a little dinged up but still in one piece and no major damage). I used to have the mermaid, old tropical cocktail, nesting doll, popsicle, tanning oil, peach, lovebirds, nutcracker, snowflake 06, rocking horse, seahorse, handcuffs, blue gumball machine, ballet slippers, pink heart locket, sunglasses. These threads make me a little sad, but it's nice to see there are so many others who love these adorable, detailed charms!
  11. Actually it's an older one, I think it came out a couple of years ago.

    Have you seen the lovebirds charm? It's a really cute one, they're sitting inside a heart.

    bulletproofsoul- OMG, how sad!!! That's an amazing collection of charms you had, too. :crybaby:
    What in the world did they do to that bracelet that some of the charms were damaged?? Geez.
  12. wow, i had no idea some of the charms went for that much! I'm kicking myself now for never getting the mermaid or the bubblegum machine... I remember wanting the mermaid but then being too lazy to go back into the store to get it, shame on me! And my mom was going to buy me the bubblegum one... I told her I didnt need it. Figures that the one thing I actually say no to would be so elusive...

    Anyway this had me wondering, are the whole pre-made bracelets as 'rare' as the charms? I did pick up the world traveller one about 2 years ago, with the london phone booth, eiffel tower, do not disturb sign, hawaiian pearl, US map, hollywood star, and some others... wondered if anyone had any insight. thanks!

  13. They gave it to a "niece" who used it as a toy and destroyed it in a matter of days. (Or so their story explained) I had the charms and bracelet in a Juicy jewelry pouch in a plastic store bag sitting on the counter in my kitchen. I usually pick up and put everything away before the cleaning crew comes, but that week I was very sick with a kidney stone and bed ridden and couldn't get mobile enough to straighten the whole house. So that bag got left behind. They said they assumed it was "garbage" (yeah, right) and without saying anything, walked off with it. This was B.S. because a.) who would think jewelry in a pouch was garbage and b.) they also stole my new Bang & Olufsen earphones off of my nightstand. :sad: They came recommended to us from someone else, so we were sick when we found out they were stealing from us. :sad:
  14. I think they kind of are since some of the charms weren't made singularly. That was a really cute one, I loved the phone booth charm. I even saved a pic of it from when it came out haha.
  15. :wtf:
    That is CRAZY. It sounds like they took advantage of your illness too. At least you got back *some* of your charms but geez, that's pretty bold. I'm really sorry to hear about the rest of your poor charms. :crybaby: