Juicy Charms...and the oh-so elusive *RARE* ones!

  1. I was thinking about Juicy charms, like I always do:girlsigh:, and I was wondering, does anyone actually know which ones are "the rarest???"

    Like, is there an actual guide somewhere or a website or something that says the value of all of the charms? I've googled it countless times and I came up with nada.

    Ofcourse, I do know which charms are rare... but I would LOVE to know specifically which ones are the rarest.

    It would be so cool if they had like a Top 10 List of the Rarest Charms!
    (yea, I'm a dork..)

    Here are some really rare ones I have seen online or heard of, and I could be wrong, maybe one of them isn't all that rare, I'm not an expert. I'll probably leave some out b/c this is off the top of my head, but...

    ~Nesting Doll
    ~Hula Girl Snowglobe
    ~Elephant w/ an Egg (heard of someone talk about this one before - never seen it)
    ~Pave Blowfish (I see these often though? Maybe the ones I keep seeing are fakes)
    ~Pink & Teal Rubber Duckies

    *And when I say rare, I don't nessasarily mean just discontinued, b/c some discontinued charms are easily found with just a little searching online.

    Let's get this thread maybe going some more! Maybe we'll all come out of it learning about some charms we never knew existed?

    Add more to my list! Or PLEASE tell me of a guide with charm values! :yes:
    Or anything!

    I :heart: Juicy Charms
  2. I would LOVE to get my hands on the spinning globe charm from a few years ago but I have never seen one, even on eBay. I can only imagine how $$$ it would be.
  3. I saw a nesting doll at a store but decided not to get it, i had no idea it was rare
    i have champagne and caviar ones are they rare??:smile:
    but it would be interesting to see pictures of rare charms too - I LOVE Juicy Charms:smile:
  4. I'm not sure how rare they're considered since I've seen them a couple of times (and missed AMAZING deals on them, *sob*), but the roulette wheel and the slot machine. Also, the cherry pie. I have one that my aunt got me for Christmas a few years ago, I didn't know it was going to go for a lot lol.
  5. I have the mermaid, some people have told me it is rare.
    I am so happy my mom just randomly bought me it *excited*
  6. The champagne one is mid-level on the hard to find scale lol, but the caviar charm definitely is. My mom had gotten my aunt that one for Christmas a couple of years ago (which she probably didn't even appreciate), then she decided SHE wanted one. So I went on a mad search for one, finally found one on eBay for a decent price, in the meantime she already found one. So I held onto it for awhile then sold it a few months ago for about $138 on eBay. I had no idea it would sell for that much!
  7. i've seen the money cage and a really cute tiara inside a glass case charm on ebay that were listed for like $700!
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    ^Oh I forgot about those! And also, the ghost, yorkies around the fire hydrant and the blue bubblegum machine.
  9. So is the pave blowfish a rare one? There is one on ebay now for $125. Its so cute!
  10. The handcuff charm is pretty rare also right?
  11. I have also heard that my blue bubblegum machine is rare because they are coming out with a pink one soon? I searched on ebay, and one was selling for $700
  12. ^Yup, I mentioned that one a couple of posts up. :yes:
    You're so lucky to have that one and the mermaid!

    tatertot- I think so, I rarely see them. I mean they aren't worth a ton but you don't see them too often.

    DallasSocialite- I've heard it's a little harder to find...I remember someone here said they got theirs awhile back from Revolve (I think) and it sold out pretty fast. I've never even seen it in person, it's so cute.
  13. Pardon my ignorance, but what's so hot about juicy charms? Are they collectors items? Kinda like baseball cards, stamps, coins, etc..?
  14. ^They're just really detailed and fun to collect. Plus, they're larger than most charms so you can actually see them unlike a lot of the ones out there now. You don't really see pieces like this (some open, some have things inside etc.) anymore.
  15. Yay! I have some of the charms you mentioned and I never use any of them ... off to eBay!!! ;)

    Adding one to the list: the pave pineapple