Jewelry Box in Action!!

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  1. What a unique design...very Art Deco. You should wear it.
  2. I remember that now. :biggrin:
  3. Beautiful!!!❤️❤️❤️
  4. I'm wearing my Cartier ring with 3 diamonds & my 1 carat diamond ring. 😍💖💖❤️

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  5. I have started recently to create a huge collection of my favorite jewelry.

  6. Beautiful rings!! So sparkly! [emoji7][emoji173]️
  7. OH, WOW!! How did I miss this post?! Meg, those earrings are stunning & go so well with your necklace! Your jeweler outdid himself!! You look smashing!! I'm wanting a really nice Opal pendant & earrings that drop down like this. I've seen quite a few that I really like but haven't found "the one" yet. I may wind up doing what you did & have something made up for me.
  8. Now that's a watch that makes a statement!! Fabulous!!
  9. Thank you. I am really glad that I just had it designed. It is similar but different from the one that I fell in love with on the BG catalog and quite a bit less expensive. If you have a good jeweler who can make what you want if you have a picture or idea it's a fun process. I loved choosing from all the stones he brought for me.
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    I've seen the necklace from the BG catalog & honestly, I like yours so much better. Your jeweler is a jewelry God! His talent is quite evident. I think the earrings are a perfect match to the necklace. I can't remember if you've said, but are the opals in the necklace & earrings Australian Black Opals or Boulder Opals. Do you mind revealing the kind of opals used?

    I do have a jeweler that I like & she has made me a few things, nothing to this extent, though. I may have to pay her a visit & pick her brain a little & see if she has any opals available or if she would need to order some. I have an oval black diamond (1.5 ct) my husband brought back from Europe that I haven't done anything with. I've thought about having it set into a man's ring with some white diamonds for accent for him. I have some excellent diamonds in a ring that I no longer wear that might work well with it. I'm going to have to give this some thought....:thinking:

    You're such an evil influence on me when it comes to jewelry! :devil: I don't need anymore but I keep getting distracted by all the sparklies!!:lol:
  11. Thank you‼️❤️😘💖💖
  12. I realised I have never posted a picture of my very modest Jewelry them all.[emoji7] ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461893122.273750.jpg looking at the rings, I think I need more rose/yellow pieces!![emoji38]
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  13. Finally got my nan's ring back! Time to start wearing it! [emoji7] So scared! [emoji85][emoji23]
  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462912695.130349.jpg My Mother's Day gift from my husband. I love it!!!
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  15. That's really a unique ring! Very cool [emoji41]