Jewelry Box in Action!!

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  1. Oh, I do know how you feel, but these things need to be worn and enjoyed, that is what they are there for :smile: And I think it is not easy to loose a ring, unless it's a wrong fit. But then again it can be altered;)

  2. This is very true! :biggrin: I recently tried it on again and it actually fits now which is nice so I should be able to safely wear it. If it didn't fit I'd just get one of those little plastic things onto it as I'd be worried the settings would become loose if it was made smaller/bigger. I actually just sent it to get valued as I was told you are supposed to get jewellery valued every 5 years because of insurance companies? Not sure if that's true, maybe someone here can tell me if that's true or not. :smile: I'm nervously waiting to hear that it's safely back with them at the shop so I can pick it up and start enjoying it! :biggrin:
  3. OOh,
    I would absolutely hate to post my jewellery somewhere, I would worry sick:Pullhair: And I do not really believe my jewellery is unique, but it is special to me.. But then again, I get paranoid quite easily :P No, I haven't heard it has got to be re-valued every 5 years here in UK. Maybe this rule does apply to some top end, some very special items? Some unique things of Graff, Harry Winston? My jewellery is on my home insurance, lol
  4. You know how I feel! When I was handing it over to the woman in the jewellery store I was so nervous. The ring is very sentimental to me so it would never be the same if it was lost. Thanks :smile: I don't think my nan's ring is any particular brand but I've never seen a ring like it. Might as well join everyone else and post a picture. Excuse the not so clear picture I was preparing to leave to go to the jewellery store for it to get valued and thought best take before pictures just in case. Not realising that doesn't show much! :blush:


    I :heart: your bracelet! It's so beautiful! Must be a beautiful reminder of a wonderful time in your life. :smile:
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  5. You should totally wear it. I refuse to own anything that I am afraid to wear. I can understand being afraid of losing something precious to you, but rings are probably the least likely thing you can lose.
  6. So cool. What a great memento of such a special time in your life.

  7. Thank you :smile: I'll take everyone's advice and start enjoying my nan's ring. :biggrin: Made me realise how silly I was being due to worrying over something that's unlikely to happen with a ring! I will definitely make an effort to wear it from now on though. :biggrin: Even though I haven't worn it, I would never be able to sell it though.
  8. It's beautiful and so unique. I would totally wear it daily and smile every time I looked at it. So very special.
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    My Nan always had an good eye for jewellery. :P thank you, I will definitely wear her ring from now on, just waiting to get it back. :smile:
  10. Love this! I would be staring at the different colours all day long if I wore this :P
  11. Wow, what a gem! :loveeyes: It looks very unique and very very different to anything I have seen before. I do love the idea it has been inherited, so it has got a history. Together with it's history comes the history of the person who has chosen it and wore it for a good number of years - that was your grandma. When I look at my jewellery I think that one day my daughters will take it and wear it thinking of me.. Also I hope I still have many many years to enjoy it myself :biggrin:

    My bracelet is memorable.. As what has happened after I have spotted it was not terribly nice :rolleyes: I came home and asked my hubby to buy it for me, but he said we could not. By then a few things in our life were strange. We both were working, just bought a house, but seemed to be always penniless and I could not understand where the money were going, they were just slipping through our fingers. And I did not know why. But that evening I knew that I wanted that bracelet and it had to be mine :woot: I was pregnant and my hormones were shooting through the roof. We had a big row, I slammed the doors... I just could not understand, the bracelet was not very expensive...The next day it was mine. And in a few month I have learned that his American Express was stolen and tens of thousands and thousands of pounds went astray. And as he did not spot that in time, and we moved address and he did not notify the bank, he has been made liable:cry: And he did not want to worry me, so I did not know. To cut it short the guy who has stolen the card went in to prison. We were paying to the bank a good number of years. It is all in the far away past now. We have learned our lessons and moved on with our life. This is the story behind my bracelet :queen:
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  12. Being given jewellery from a family member/ loved one does truly make it more special especially when it has a history. I'm sure your daughters will love to one day inherit jewellery from their mother. I hope one day I'll be able to do the same. :smile: of course, you've got to get your enjoyment out of it first! :biggrin:

    Oh my, what a history your bracelet has! :wtf: It's such a shame that all this happened to you. Good to hear the culprit was found, what makes people think it's ok to do that to someone else I'll never understand. :rant: It's ridiculous that your husband was made liable especially as the guy was found and put into prison. Hopefully everything is all sorted and you and your husband can enjoy yourselves from now on. :smile:
  13. Yes, it was quite a story:smile: Thanks god it's in the past and we have moved on and doing fine. We have kept our house and even had another child afterwards... At the time when it all has happened we lived in Holland. We moved address and all the bank correspondence was going there, not sure why it was not re-directed to our new address. And my husband did not bother telling to his bank about we have moved (that's why he was made liable), he also did not use that his card very often and did not notice the disappearance. So in the mean time that guy was having luxury life, taking his friends first class holidays... Now I look at this bracelet and think - thank's God we have managed to live and survive through that hard time, the kids are healthy and I am updating my jewellery box on a regular basis :smile:

  14. Awesome!

  15. Emeralds [emoji7]
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