Jewelry Box in Action!!

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  1. Hi Ladies..

    Am getting fun and luv this TPF. Especially ladies in TPF are kindness, helpfull and friendly.
    Its show time to post your jewelry in this thread.
    Even your vintage, wedding accesories, and your all jewerly collections. Or you just get proposed or Yr birthday gift from your beloved.:heart:
    Pls feel free to share them in here.

    Have a nice day ladies. Cya:yahoo:
  2. How about started from mine :shame:
    Pic no.1. Wedding diamond gold rings 3 carat and left right each 1 carat
    Pic no.2. 1 set white gold full diamonds from DH : its comes with E-rings, rings, Necklace & bracelet. ( sorry forgot taken the bracelet diamonds )
    Pic no.3. Ruby gold E-rings & Rings ( gift from dear parents )
    Pic no.4. Necklace white gold fully diamonds ( gift from dear parents )

    Attached Files:

  3. ^ What pretty jewlery you have! I love your ring (of course!) and my favorite necklace is the one on the far right. Very pretty!
  4. Thanks Leelee, u are so sweet. :kiss:
  5. Tulip: I love your wedding ring, it's stunning! Your other jewelry pieces are also TDF.. :heart:
  6. margaritaxmix Thank You.:shame:
    I hope everybody wanted to share & post their collections pic in this thread too.
    I believe they do have a fabulous jewelry or watches collections.
  7. nice collection!
  8. wow! very nice
  9. Thank You, Siriya & Christie.
    Wish I can see all of ur collections too.
  10. Great collection! Thanks for sharing.
  11. The wedding ring is GORGEOUS!
  12. [​IMG]

    Love this one!!
    Lovely collection. Waiting to see more!
  13. Truely gorgeous!!! I love that heart ring...its so unusual.....breath taking pieces!!!! :drool:

    Thanks for sharing!!!!!
  14. niceee!
  15. Thanks Karo, Yesther, Queenmahra, bagluvluv, Orocot, You guys so sweet.

    Lets post your Jewelry collection & WristWatch in here too.
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