Jay Strongwater Charms! Let's Share Talk & Pics!

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  1. You are so welcome KR! I still think there are viable sellers on *bay but I'd proceed with a lot of caution. I think building a rapport with a seller is so very important. Mind you, it didn't work for me this last time but normally it does. If you only want new charms of course you won't have to shop on *bay, but if there's an oldie you'd like to collect....

    Thank you regarding my little collection! I am so happy to have them. These charms are remarkable!

    I wish there was a way to go back and look at the older ones. I've called JS and inquired but of course no one could help me. :cool: I guess seeing them on *bay and looking through the collections of collectors who began accumulating them earlier is the only way. Oh yeah, if one knows the name of the charm it can also be researched by putting the name in Google but one would need to know the name of the charm.
  2. I was thinking the same thing yesterday! KR would you mind starting a reference thread? Would you have to speak with the mods to have it pinned? Of course then we'd need the original posters to re-post shots of their lovely charms. I would gladly post pictures of my charms for the reference thread and would be available to help you in any way you may need me too. I could pm all the original posters if you'd like. Just let me know how I could help. :yes: A reference thread would sure aid in buying these lovely charms on the second hand market.
  3. I've asked the Mod about it, I'll post when I hear from her.
  4. Thank you KR! We are really taking the JS charms and the thread seriously! I look forward to hearing what you learn from the mods. :yes:

    I had to go to the post office to ship off returns... I wore my Tiger charm as a pendant again. I like this particular charm so much that if it were the only JS charm I owned I'd be ok. It is so beautiful. Aside from the pretty crystals that adorn it, the fact that the muzzle protrudes so far out makes it look truly 3D looking. It was designed superbly in my opinion! Ok, I'll try to stop gushing about the Tiger charm. :drool:
  5. Received the rest of my order...

    Here's the Rabbit, the Leopard and the Heart locket, and also the necklace. The Rabbit is my favorite of these 3.

  6. What a nice collection KR! Love ears on the Rabbit! The necklace looks good too! Which one is it? How many inches is it? Lastly, the Heart Locket is so feminine. Nice choice of charms you've got there!

    As ornate as JS items are I felt they could have done better on Mara the Leopard. I think that's why I didn't collect more years ago when I purchased her. Although she's pretty I was a tad underwhelmed. They should have put more stones on her spots like they did on the Leopard that adorns one of their boxes. That would have been something to talk about!
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    Thanks! The necklace is about the same as the Juicy necklace, and I don't like it that short. But I may buy a bracelet and put them together for a longer one. The problem is that only one of the 3 charms I bought will fit over the links on the necklace, they don't open wide enough. I ordered a few more charms, so I'll see how they fit. I think the charms are a little too big or heavy to wear on a bracelet, though one may be all right. So I may be using the JC charm catcher for these, not sure yet, but I was hoping for a different look.

    I agree about the leopard charm, a few more crystals would have been nice, and I feel the coloring is a little dark.
  8. Congrats!!!! Yay!! Looks gorgeous! :smile:
  9. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1401319837.306601.jpg

    The charms I ordered have been arriving during the last week.
    I'm thrilled with these beautiful charms, each is a little work of art.


  10. Some even stand on their own.


  11. kr, your extensive collection is looking great!
  12. Thanks! These are so detailed I'm very impressed. I tend toward animal themed charms, so am having fun with these.
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