Jay Strongwater Charms! Let's Share Talk & Pics!

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  1. Hello! Initially I began collecting 14K gold charms. I've always loved the concept of the charm bracelet even when I was a very young child. I eventually put together a silver charm bracelet too. Eventually, I ended up collecting well over 100 Juicy Charms. :biggrin: I love them as they are whimsical and fun. Oh, and I have about 20 Italian Charm bracelets that I put together charm by charm.

    A couple of years ago I ran across Jay Strongwater charms and ultimately purchased the Leopard Mara. I'd like to add to this collection and was just wondering how happy others are with their charms. If you have one, two, a collection or none at all but you like them too, would you please share both your experience/love of them and share some pics? I can hardly wait to talk and see your beauties! :popcorn:


  2. Thank you GLL for getting this thread started. I have yet to purchase a JS charm but will be doing so very soon thanks to you and TaterT. The charms look absolutely beautiful and very detailed. I love the colors. Do you know what store carries the biggest selection in their line? I would like to see them IRL.
  3. You are so welcome BB! I figured we needed a place to talk about JS charms where we could do so freely. I didn't see that a thread had been dedicated to JS charms and only hope others will join in. Regarding where to get the charms... I am primarily an online shopper-hate malls and department stores with either no help or too much help.

    I like the charms on the actual JS site:

    On the Neiman Marcus site:

    And Horchow which is owned by NM:

    I used to buy a lot of things from Horchow. They would have excellent sales. I always noticed that when they had great sales, the JS charms would oddly disappear from view. When the sale ended, the charms could be found again. I wonder if they're like Louis Vuitton in that they don't go on sale? Hmmmm.

    Thanks again for posting! :yahoo:
  4. Here's my immediate Jay Strongwater wish list:

    The King of the jungle!

    Another important jungle member
    The Zebra's are just beautiful creatures!
    The Bee is very sentimental to me...
  5. These charms are on my secondary wish list:


    I'm a UCLA alum so the Bear is significant!

    Just cute:


    I've always wanted this Shamrock:
  6. I love these GLL!
  7. Hey skyqueen! Always good to see you! Glad you stopped by too!
  8. I love the JSW charms as well! I have the Penguin and baby, Giraffe and the love birds on the swing on the way. I will snap some pics when I get a chance to post:smile: Thanks so much for starting this thread, I can't wait to see more of these amazing charms!
  9. Can't wait to see your lovely JS charm pictures! :yahoo: And I'm really excited about your LoveBirds charm!
  10. I have a small collection of these! A few years ago, Jay Strongwater had a bunch of sample sales where I picked up these adorable charms and chains for $15-$40. Here are some of my favorites. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397599426.272303.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397599444.306004.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397599455.371581.jpg
  11. I received my shipping notice today for my Love Birds so they should be landing soon. Until then here are pics of my Penguin with baby and Giraffe charms. I will be sure to post pics when my newest arrival comes.

    Gorgeous!! Thank you so much for sharing pic with us:flowers: I love them all but that dragon charm is stunning and so special! Congrats on finding them all for such a great deal too!

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  12. restricter, glad to see you! Thank you so much for sharing your collection of JS charms! They are very nice indeed. Would you mind telling us where you got them at a sample sale? That's so cool. Do you wear them? If you do, how do you wear them? I need the Lion and the Giraffe! I have a jungle theme with practically e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! :yes:
  13. Yippie regarding your shipping notice! Can't wait to see your LoveBirds! They look so good on the Internet sites.

    Your Penguin and Giraffe are precious! Lovely, clear, big shots! :woohoo:

    I need another charm. Hmmmm, which one will it be? :thinking: My new pup, Max, is the current owner of my bank account! :lol:
  14. For some reason I always thought these JS charms were much larger than the Juicy Couture charms.
    Judging by the photo Tatertot posted they look about the same size?
    If so, this looks like something I'd like, especially if the JC charms are eliminated in the future.

    I recently started a Tiffany sterling silver charm bracelet which I find is nice to wear because the charms are smaller than the JC charms. Admittedly the T charms as a whole are not as cute as the JC charms, but I only need enough for one bracelet, plus a few additional charms to mix in or change up the look of the bracelet.
  15. ^I really like the JS charms. You're definitely a charm person too katierose so I'm sure you'd like them. You would only have to choose one that fits those things you relish and I think you'd be very happy. I only have one because in the past, although nice, there were so many other things that got my attention and the available charms back then didn't feel like "must haves" for me. With the current selection there are quite a few that are "must haves!" Oh my, what's a retired girl to do? I need a bumper sticker on my car that reads, "Will work for charms!" :P

    Glad to see you on the thread kr! By the way, which JS charms kinda interest you?