Jay Strongwater Charms! Let's Share Talk & Pics!

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  1. Thank you so much regarding little Maxim who is 7 months old now. I had to put my first Cocker down last year... Lil Max is my second lil boy. :biggrin:

    I may have seen a few pictures featuring charms on Bal bags during my search for charms on this site. They are such nice, colorful leather bags though I'm almost strictly an LV purse lover who is happy with her existing collection. I also like the whimsy of Betsey Johnson bags/wristlets. :P

    You had me super excited about a Cocker Spaniel charm!!!!! :woot: Even though it ended up being another type of doggy it was still fun seeing the picture. Thanks so much for taking the time to locate and share it.

  2. Thanks for the photos of your beautiful bags and charms. Love that elephant, animal charms are my favorites. I've purchased a few of the JS charms but am mostly a Juicy Couture charm fan.
  3. I am the same way! I get a bag and immediately think "hmmm, which charm for this?" :P So happy to see you here Connie!

    chowlover2 I love your charms on your Bal's! The Buddha looks lovely against the blue and GGH.

    GLL I've missed you girlie:hugs: I've been out of the loop for a long time.
  4. Hey, girlie! I've missed you too! I've also been out of the loop. I was very happy to see new posts and pics on this thread. :biggrin:

    I'm going to get in touch with you later today. :graucho:

  5. Thanks, I have to post more, I just found this thread! I mostly have Juicy charms as well.

    Sent from my iPad using PurseForum mobile app looking for Bal 2007 Paprika ( Rouille ) City or Part a Time w/GGH, please PM me!'a
  6. Hi ladies, I am just discovering these charms, I wish I could find the original lion! The new lion head kinds creeps me out, but I love the full body lion! There are none bay.

    Some others are on sale on the strongwater site.
  7. I really want to add the elephant and the bunny charms. Have only seen them full price though, and I would like to save some cash.