Isabel Marant clothes & accessories!

  1. Wow, just looked at the site, and Matches did increase their prices. I compared the items with other sites, and it looks like the Rider tee is the only one that seems overpriced. Maybe a glitch or mistake? It's $165 elsewhere. Everything else seems to be pretty much in line with La Garconne, Totokaelo, etc.
  2. welcome to the thread! i'm a nyc-er too!

    fantastic haul! what is the white blouse in the center of the top pic? looks very up my alley!
  3. What I find pretty weird is the inconsistency with the IM Soho store alone. I bought my Momo jacket from them a few weeks ago for $395..and in the latest email they sent me with the newest arrivals, the Momo is listed with a price of $460..what's with that?

    On a side note, the Net-a-porter Lookbook has multiple issues with the IM prices. Another pair of the pumps is listed with a price of $100 something, which is clearly wrong! When you click on the link, it doesn't take you to the shoes, but rather some other completely different clothing item with the $100 something price...sooo...maybe thats the problem with the Milwauke boots as well?? Not sure..

    I FINALLY pre-ordered the Milwauke boots from Espejto...hope everything goes well and I can walk in them!! :biggrin: It may be awhile before they come, however. The wait is going to kill me!
  4. It totally blows! I hope none of the other boutiques increase...or I'm going to have to start being much more careful with IM purchases :wondering
  5. kristi_sikorski :smile:
  6. Thank you! It's nice to stumble upon a fellow NYC-er. ;)
    That's the "Finn" blouse. You can find it on Net-a-Porter, LaGarconne, and Isabel's SoHo store!
  7. That explains a lot. So now it seems like all of the prices on all the sites are basically the same?
  8. Thanks! Now i'm following you all!!

  9. So exciting!! Can't wait to see them. how did you know they were carrying them? Whenever I go to their, "IM Pre-orders" link there's nothing there!

    That sucks. Does this mean that prices in Europe have gone up to match the higher prices in the US? That would seem counterproductive. US prices are higher bc they include customs tax - IM should realize that and leave Matches alone. If people outside of Europe want to buy from European stores then we, too, have to pay the customs tax and that's our choice. To penalize us bc the US stores need to make their cut by marking-up the prices after customs tax is added isn't right! I guess we can just start sending our purchases to our European friends, at European prices, and have them mailed!!

    I bought my Jacobs (should be here any day!) from YouSheHe in Copenhagen and even if I get hit with the 30% customs tax (hopefully not!!) they will still be $400 less than the price I was quoted from a store in Canada!!!!! that's a big diff. And, it's the difference between me buying the boots and not. Higher prices will certainly curb IM purchase frequency on my end - I'm already pushing my luck with my bank account!! I was just thinking today how lucky the ladies are in Europe - paying 700 Euros for the Jacobs. Whereas I have to pay $900-$1200 in my currency. That's a big jump!
  10. TB love both shirts!!! Rock and roll lady!!!;)

    Inspiration pic: Marant Irox shorts and Rea sandals... and TDF celine python luggage!!!
    marant rea.jpg
  11. I registered on their site some time back with my shipping address, etc, so now when I go to the site, I immediately go to 'login' on the home page, and then after you do that it will say Welcome, ____! at the top with your name and you will be able to see all the items under IM and IM preorders. Hope that helps! They only have the Milwauke in Size 37 left. They came to ~ $950 USD, so even with possible taxes/fees they should still be cheaper than elsewhere I figure.
  12. Love this look...
  13. Yay, I'm glad I could help.

    Thank you sweetie!

    I like both. I do find the Rigi more casual, less formal. You can dress it up with a jacket and necklace or keep it simple and wear it just as it is. So it is versatile that way. The Ruby I find it more formal. For example, I can wear it for a party with a nice necklace, bracelets, ear rings and skirt and it look good. I could never wear the Rigi like that. Both have a place in my wardrobe.

    Thanks Ama!

    I love that picture. It is one of my favorite and THE pic that pushed me over the edge in buying the Rea sandals :smile:.
  14. on yoox europe they were $240!
  15. Hi Kristi! Welcome to the thread! You wear Marant so well! I'm loving the tweedy looking Gray cardi you're wearing it IM? If so what is the name of the piece?

    Edited to add: OK, I just read through the thread and see that you said it was pre-spring. How on earth did I miss it earlier this year??? DOH!!!

    By the way, we have the same stats (5'2", 100lbs), but you look so much slimmer than me! What's your secret? :biggrin:

    Another Kristy :p