Is this worth 3000+? Help me decide...

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  1. I don't have it anymore due to my spy fiasco, but I dug up this pic of it:


    The whole thing isn't a taupe color, but I guess they called it that because of the handles or something.
  2. oh, coooool... the blue handle is so cute... :nuts: :nuts: When did u get this one?????

    i love it... :love: :love: :love:
    In fact, the only spy i really really really want is the blue (teal?) spy from last winter... :Push:
    It was such a great color now to think of it... :cry: :cry:
    I will pick it over the denim spy anytime... :sad2: :sad2:

  3. It was around September or October of last year. Have you tried to call and see if any of those were still available from Fendi? Maybe they have one sleeping in the back somewhere :lol: That one would seem better than the denim, at least it's leather and seems like it would last longer.
  4. No, i have not tried fendi stores... i usually just buy from my nm shopper...

    I am going to venice next week, so i guess i will check out the locals :lol: :lol:

    BTW, i was complaining to her yesterday about my long waiting for the birkin and guess what she said, she said she could get me one when it comes in~~~~~

    I am so trilled... Maybe this is why i decided to pass the denim spy??? :shame:

  5. Did she guarantee a color? What NM is that? The NM here can't get birkins!!!:Push:
  6. i want the signature orange... the NM in newport beach, CA.

    No, they don't get birkins, but she has great connections with Hermes in LA, she knows people (some of the top sales who never show up to regular Hermes buyers). She just helped two of her clients to get their birkins ealier this year!!!!!

    She promised me she will get me there.... hey, who knows, we will see...
  7. ooo ok, I thought they did special orders for that :lol: I was like UNFAIR!

    I've been seeing quite a few birkins here at the HI boutiques, just a matter of walking in on the right one...hopefully soon!!!!!!!! :love:
  8. U did???? :amazed: what kinda of birkins have u seen????

    I have seen kellys from time to time but not birkins so far... i guess they got snatched right when it was out on the shelf in newport...

    what kind of right birkin are u looking for?;)
  9. I'm looking for a 30 or 35cm bi color (black with magenta piping). I've seen some bicolor Kelly bags, but so far no birkins, and the one I found online was a 25cm which is too small.

    I've seen 3 in the last week or so. A 25cm red suede, a 40cm taupe/horse hair, and a 35cm mustard color. If only one of those had been bicolorrrrrrrrrrr! :sad:
  10. when u say bicolor, r u referring the thread stitching or the leather piping?

    I have a white plume 28 with grey/blk leather piping. I think the combination is special. but red piping on a birkin???? it will be soooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope both of us can get what we are looking for soon... :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  11. Noriko, have you seen the chocolate brown box Birkin with the fuschia piping? I also think that combo is really stunning. I hope you get your dream bag!
    I'm jealous that you can walk into your Hermes in HI and at least have the chance to find a Birkin. Not around here! Good luck!

    hermesBB, I'll take the one in your Avatar but in a 30 in Chevre leather. :smile: BTW, your Plume sounds lovely. I love Plumes and Bolides, and Trims and...well, you know.)
  12. i wouldn't go for that spy if you already have one, you could put that money towards another really nice purse.

    and a spy is one of the "it" bags of the moment, but if it goes out anytime soon it would be horrible to have just bought one of the specialty ones.
  13. I am jealous tooo, i ve never seen any birkins in Hermes stores here ...:sad:
    Otherwise, it will probably be taken by me... :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Greentea: thanks, the plume is less nortorious than the kelly and birkin, sort of low key... :P
    i will take the one in my avatar as well if i can find it :love:

    Hehe, i know we are all hopeless Hermes lovers...
  14. :shame: Hopeless is right. I also really appreciate the understated charm of the Plume.
    I think my next H bag will be a Bolide in Blue Jean. Of course, I was told that these can be tricky to find. Why does that make me want one even more? :smile:
  15. :idea: :idea: blue jean is also my favorite color~~~ :love: :love: :love: