Is this worth 3000+? Help me decide...

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  1. I am in total dilemma here. I saw this one in person finally today in NM when i was picking up my white dior gaucho double saddle and my shopper said she could get me one ASAP. However, i am not sure if this worth the splurge...

    I got my blk spy just recently and today my dior gaucho, so do u gals here think this one is not necessary since i already have one spy...

    Anyway, the bag IRL is gorgeous. My dilemma is that it is made of denim so i am not sure if the crystals and embroidery alone worth 3000?

    Any suggestions are welcomed...Thanks.

    The picture is from eluxury...

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  2. Dont buy it for a couple of days...look around at other bags....then if you still have to have it and cant stop thinking about it-GO FOR IT!
    Its my method....!!!!!!!
    Good luck-its a great bag however I would probably stick to a basic spy first for the money!
  3. I say go for a basic spy or another purse with exquisite detailing. I don't think it's worth it for denim...
  4. Thanks for the advice. i already have a basic blk spy, so does that mean i should not get this one?
  5. If you absolutely love it and it won't hurt your budget then go for it...afterall it IS stunning! I'm sure you'll be one of the few who'd be carrying one too, since there's only so many available.
  6. if it wasnt denim. But if you like it thats all that matters. I love the new metallic one on NM, its so intresting. But I need a 2400 bag like I need another hole in my head.

    sooo pretty though...
  7. well, my shopper said this one is in limited quantities, the entire nm does not have many left, so i need to make decision fast...
  8. pass on it squrriels and faded denim is not worth $3000
  9. i agree it is special, but my bf cannot understand if i pay 3000 for denim...
  10. the metallic is coooool... maybe i will consider this one instead...

    Is the material nappa leather as well? or fabric?
  11. Yeah, that's true but people pay $300-600 for a pair of torn up jeans. The squirrels were hand sewn along with all the other details...I'm sure this bag will be a rare heirloom for your daughter?
    Boy, I'm so bad...don't listen to me...I'm a bad influence..:Push: !
  12. i agree, u got me so swinging there... but this one is like 10 torn up jeans...:blink:
  13. I would say no.
  14. any reason? don't like it???
  15. For US$3,000 you could get a very nice leather bag. IMO it's so not worth it to splurge that much on denim or nylon bags :cry:

    I still prefer the good ol' nappa leather Spy! :smile: