Is this worth 3000+? Help me decide...

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  1. [​IMG]


    Just to let u gals know that this won't be my first spy if i do decide to get it...
  2. I say if you can afford it and it does not hurt your budget go for it...
  3. Buy It Buy It Buy It.......
  4. Im sure you already have alot of leather bags, go for something different.. like a denim bag with crystal straps!! :love:

    Its totally unique, its gorgeous!!

    Its the only spy I like, the rest look like plain old bags, in black, tan, green etc.

    Look at the cute secret coin purse!! awww

  5. It's a well made bag by a well known designer but I'm sure you'll wake up one day and can't stand the sight of the pale blue denim and crystals.

    If it were cheaper, I'd say why not but this is an insane amount of money for a denim bag. And it screams "Britney Spears" to me.
  6. It's a nice bag, but I'm not sure about the denim as well. But all of us have our own likes. If you love the bag get it.:nuts:
  7. this is the only spy bag that I liked ... but defenitly not worth that much money for a fabric bag ...
  8. If you love it and can afford it, I say go for it :smile: If buying it will prevent you from getting other bags you want, then save your money and buy something else.
  9. This is a special edition so it's kind of a special bag. The price probably reflects all of the hand detailing that had to be done.
    It's actually really different than the black, and so if you really do love it, and can afford to get it, do so.
  10. yes, if you love it and can afford it, why not? and especially if it'll make you happy!!!!
  11. I'd go for it. As Melisand said, it's probably all hand work. Plus how cute would it look with a pair of jeans? If I could get it now, I would.
  12. i'd say no. first of all you already have a spy, secondly i don't really think that bag is cute. to me, no bag that is made of denim is worth that much. think of all the fabulous bags (suhali lv) you could buy for that kinda money!
  13. Nice bag. The lining is great! But for the Squirrel Spy, I prefer the Fall 05-06 Tokyo Squirrel in Bordeaux/Burgundy velvet. That one was so much more luxurious looking than the denim one. Granted the hand embroidery is to be desired.

    Generally, when I'm unsure of a gorgeous bag and if price is not an issue, I would wait and see if the bag will be constantly in my mind for a few days. If its constantly hovering in my mind, then I need me one!!!
  14. If you really really love the bag, then buy it. If money isn't an issue then buy what you love. Put it on hold, sleep on it and if you're still thinking about the bag then go back the next day and buy it.
  15. I agree, I'd take an LV Suhali bag any day over the denim spy! I think $3k is way too much to pay for that bag. But, it's up to you :biggrin: