Is this worth 3000+? Help me decide...

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  1. U R so baaaaaad...... :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  2. Sounds like you really love the bag- so go for it and enjoy!

  3. ;) you only live once right:lol:
  4. i have no finished reading the other post. but i say do not go for it. i personally think it is way over priced. the summer fall line will be here soon, and i'll bet we will all find new bags to drool over. but, however if you have that more to just spurge then........ go for it.but really think about it and do not buy out of impulse. don't hate me, but i buy out of impulse and then regret it later.good luck.
  5. Final Decision:

    First all of, thank all of u for ur good or "bad" advices.:amuse:

    After viewing all ur gals kind inputs, i called up my shopper and told her i will pass. :sad2:

    I agree 3000 for a denim is not worth it... How i wish it were cheaper... sigh...:sick::Push:

    Anyway, my new gaucho might help to sooth my pain for this moment.... :cry:
  6. true, but i still decided to pass... :sad:

    BTW, i am still thinking about ur st. tropez...

    Do u think blk is better or white??? I have a lot of white bags though...
  7. ^^^maybe it'll go on sale, doubt anytime soon, but who knows! Bluefly is your friend ;)
  8. IMO it depends on the size of the bag. I love the black in large, but the white in small :biggrin: Glad you decided to pass though, if you could make that decision you must not have loved it that much:biggrin:
  9. Totally agree. I am such an impulse buyer... :Push:
    I am learning to control myself...
  10. maybe, who knows, but i am not counting on that, since my shopper said entire NM stores have only 10 left. They probably will be gone in a few days time :huh:
  11. well, maybe Fendi has more of them hehe, sometimes they decide to release more if they do well, like that taupe spy I had. Initially they only brought in like 3, but after that they decided to bring in a LOT more. In any case, you'll find something else :biggrin:
  12. En, i like what u said, i must not have love it so much to let it go...

    For the st. tropez, since i have not yet seen it in person, so i kinda not sure...but i am attracted to the one u have...

    when u say small, r u referring to medium size????
  13. U have taupe spy???? :nuts: :nuts: can i see it????? :love: :love:

    PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz....:biggrin: :biggrin:
  14. ^^^^yeah, I just call it small since the store calls the smaller (smaller than the medium) the mini lol. And since I don't see the mini too often, in my mind the medium is the small...really confusing :lol: Is the medium size the one you wanted?
  15. I dunno which one i like, i guess both ....:shame:
    but i wanna see ur taupe spy so bad.... please??? :shame: :love: :love: :love: