Is Coach considered a luxury brand?

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  2. I think it might also depend on where you are in the world. Here (in the UK) I get the feeling that Coach is considered or is positioning itself as more of a luxury brand than in the US - with store locations (Harrods, New Bond Street) and prices (about 1.5X that in the US - though admittedly part of that is VAT) to match. It's a similar story in Asia I believe.
  3. I completely agree with your sentiments. For the price point, Coach has proven to me over and over they are worth it. I'd have yet to see a leather bag with a $5000 price tag prove to me it is worth it, other than the fact it has a premier, well known fashion house name. What it boils down to, IMO is exclusivity and hype.
  4. I completely agree about the MK. Not to bash if anyone here likes it, but all I ever see are designs that were already used by higher end designers.
  5. Other companies are guilty of this too though... i do feel MK gets a bit overly bashed for it lol
  6. I consider it affordable luxury. I like waiting for the good stuff to hit the outlet sales. Teal borough bag, originally $658, I got for $199. If I were going to carry 1 bag year round for a few years, I would consider going with a premier designer but I like variety, sometimes I will sell the old to fund something new.
    Back to the borough, I got several compliments on it at work (more for the shade of teal I believe) but although I considered it a great deal, I get the feeling most of my coworkers would think $200 for a bag was steep. I don't discuss prices with coworkers but have with friends and family in the past.
  7. True, i noticed today while looking up my stores #.. there are less than 40 stores including boutique and factory in my entire country.

  8. I'm the same, i prefer multiple bags vs 1 or 2... for those who like a smaller amount they may feel more comfortable investing a high dollar value per purse.
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    Don't worry! This post was started on the general board, and a mod moved it here, I guess to enjoy the drama. Threads about Coach started on other boards generally don't end well. Just ignore the haters and carry what makes you happy. :smile:
    Oh well, I'm going out now to rock some Coach pearlized purple haircalf, and anyone that doesn't like it can kma. :lol:
  10. I personally think some Coach bags are luxurious and some bags are not. There are some incredibly gorgeous Coach bags. I had one in PVC that could match a fully leather bag. The zippers and everything on it were as every bit good as my LVs. Perhaps even better. Some coaches I see look like a worn Vera Bradley, so for me it all depends. Although, I think it all boils down to perspective.

    I fully believe people don't love Coach just because. I believe it's so popular because they are great bags.

    Edit: wrote "food" instead of "good". Shows you were my mind is..
  11. I'll also add some hate it because it is so popular and feel it's not exclusive enough lol

  12. Oh... the old "I hate it because it's simply everywhere!"
  13. Love that statement! Yet when I get compliments on mine, and they ask what brand it is, I in a lot of cases get the comment "That is a Coach bag!?!?!" Um, yes. Not all of them are signature totes, ladies and gentlemen! :cool:
  14. +1!
  15. Uh-huh and yet Coach makes a zillion and one bags without a siggy pattern... but i guess people cannot recognize them so they feel that Coach only "makes signature" ....
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