Is Coach considered a luxury brand?

  1. I don't disagree with any of your post. 😊 Coach does have good resale value. (I didn't want to go into more detail because I felt my post was getting long.) And I would guess, its resale is still one of the better ones of department store brands. I was able to sell off my old ones easily. People still want the bags.

    But the quality now (while better than the 2000 - 2010 ish era) is not nearly as good as its heyday pre 1985. And it's resale isn't as good as some other more premier brands.

    So, at the end of the day, it's a mixed "bag". But someone should buy it when they love it with eyes wide open knowing the different factors.
  2. I'm happy with the quality I get from Coach for the price paid. I have yet to see a "premium" or "designer" bag that's worth what the women who buy them are shelling out. It's the classic marketing ploy, create the illusion of scarcity and it's suddenly a luxury. With all the other things in life to pay for, it's just not something I feel I
    Have to have.
  3. Mid-range at best. The outlets have killed the brand's sense of exclusivity.
  4. Mid range. But, also agree that resale value is good if you buy it on sale. Get some fun use from it and let it go.

    I love my Coach as much as my LV. It serves it's purpose and doesn't make me feel guilty when I do want to splurge a little bit.
  5. I feel mid range, they are definitely a gateway purse for most. Frankly, despite the fact it seems most here own/buy mortgage payment type purses, for the general population out there, Coach is considered more upscale it certainly is not a Target/walmart purse.

    Are they what the used to be? nope, then again show me who is?? I still like my Coach items even though i have moved up the scale over time, you can get good deals on them and they are functional and stylish...
  6. I wasn't buying Coach much during the 2000-2010 era. I got back into Coach in 2010. However, I can't see how you can think the quality now is better than the 2000-2010 era. In the early 2000s Coach was still making glove-tanned full grain leather bags in the US and the leather couldn't be any better. Nothing made today by Coach comes close to the quality of those bags.

    I have several vintage bags from the late 60s through the 90s. In my opinion, the 90s bags I own are just as nice as, if not nicer than, my pre-1985 bags. Maybe it is because they are in better condition. The leather is much softer and more supple.

    I have a Coach bag from 2004 that is made from the softest lamb nappa leather, like that used by Chanel. The Legacy bags from 2006 are many people's favorites, and have fantastic leather and hardware. The Bleecker bags from 2007 and the Parker collection from 2009 are also wonderful. These bags not only are made from full grain cowhide but the designs are gorgeous as well. Even my Poppy bag from 2010 is nicer than anything they make now IMO.

    Since Vevers took over, I've only bought (and returned) one full priced bag but I've seen plenty of others. The bag I ordered had glue or paint residue on several parts. The leather was just meh. In both factory stores and FP, half of the items are made of cross-grain leather, which is the cheapest leather available. When Coach used glove tanned full grain cowhide, they had to buy the best hides with the least imperfections because those imperfections would show in the final product. Cross grain is so heavily processed that it has little resemblance to real leather. It looks and feels like cheap plastic to me.

    Have you noticed that all creeds are identical now? Coach used to be proud of the fact that they used natural full grain leather and other high quality materials. They put it in the creed.

    Just my opinion.
  7. Mid-range before they had all the MFF stuff. Now everyone has one which is why I am moving on.
  8. I like some of the newer bags but havent bought any due to price. I still like the 90's classics as they are so well made. Also the early and mid 2000's bags of lighter weight leather with lining are well made,
  9. Mid Range at best...
    Quality stinks
    Resale stinks
  10. Right! And nothing luxurious about getting a bag triple reduced at any outlet mall.
  11. I would say that Coach used to a tad bit on the higher end... now with the outlets and sales at the Dept. Stores and Coach store itself... you can find a great Coach at a decent price... Also it seems that Coach rotates out their new bags faster and faster.. Prices have gone up because leather has gone up...

    Coach is Far above Target, Kohls and Walmart IMO.... (I have worked at Kohls and Target..) and shopped at Walmart... not for bags but have looked ... plastic!!! (Some leather maybe online at Kohls)

    Lynne :biggrin:
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    So right
    Coach DEVALUES it's product .. !
  13. I agree. The last time I sat and talked with my SA friends it sounds like the goal is to head back to the higher end side LuvsElvis mentioned. They're leaning towards the "elevated contemporary" or "elevated everyday" range. Somewhere between where they are now (along side the Kate Spade and Michael Kors) and the LV's of the world. It'll take a while... But it would be nice to see.

  14. Wait! I'm really surprised to see you say quality stinks. You have lots of Coach bags, don't you? I know I've admired many of your photos.

    Are you having issues with how they hold up, or are you meaning more recent lines?
  15. Sold them or gave them all away but about 10 I have to much $$ in to throw away .. and almost everyone except for the ones NWT had quality wear issues.... bags that were 6 months old with maybe 20 days max use with color loss or hardware issues ...