Is Coach considered a luxury brand?

  1. Very true.....LV was like HG to me when I first started buying designer brand. Then it was Chanel, now I aim higher.

    I would say buy what u like. Some can't accept preloved so entry level brand is the way to go. Coach might not be a premium designer brand but its a starting point for many. -️-

  2. +1

  3. You said it better than me my dear. Well said! ITA 🏼🏼
  4. honestly to pay a couple hundred dollars at least just for a purse should be considered a luxury. I think many of us pay way more then that too (guilty!) but there are millions of people who won't spend more then 50$ on a purse. I think we just become accustomed to our habits and the less something costs the less luxurious it is. Saying Coach is'nt a luxury brand is saying MK and tory burch aren't either. I think in the long run we should all be thankful they we such amazing bags whatever designer it is.
  5. No.

  6. To me it has nothing to do with the brand costing less. Coach, MK, Kate Spade & Tory burch are relatively in the same price range. And I still have Tory Burch and Kate Spade which was given to me by a relative years ago. She gave me all these 4 brands after she started buying Higher end brands. I gave away Coach & MK. Just don't like MK brand....not innovative IMO. Not because it's entry level) as u can see I kept the other 2

    I still buy totally cheap, non branded bags when I travel overseas. Some country have unique n very ethnic, colorful bags! If you buy more luxury brand in future, and decided u don't really like your Coach anymore...u can still use the bags u had for raining season, for beach, as diaper bag, traveling to country that u don't feel safe with your Chanel or Hermes!

    We should buy n ENJOY whichever brand or design we like that better suits our current lifestyle n bank account.

    Having said that, no one can deny the quality n craftsmanship of expensive brand like Hermes, it is superior than most brands. I always have to remind myself to be realistic!
  7. Hi,

    Been lurking and reading for awhile. I'm surprised to see so much Coach bashing in this section of PurseForum. I thought it was for fans of Coach? I love my Coach bags but reading the posts here has made me feel bad for doing so. :sad:
  8. Keep on loving your Coach bags. I will too and so will most of the Coach fans who come here daily.

    Every once in a while, a particularly worded post will bring out the naysayers and after a few days, it's back to normal. lol

    My opinion? Coach may not be a luxury brand but it is a well made bag and I don't need a Hermes to make me feel better. There are other things I like spending my disposable income on besides purses.

    Jessdive...stay around. You'll be in good company.


    This question was pretty straight forward so I thought of giving my honest opinion. Sorry if U take my comment as bashing. Honestly that wasn't my intention. Like I said in my earlier post above, it can be a good entry level to luxurious world.

    And I think for any beginner, it's a good start that they should be proud of. I'm proud of how I started into designer world yet I won't deny the reality.

    Some decided not to upgrade....some upgraded. It's really individual preference.

    As a Bag Addict, I say....
    Enjoy your bags to the fullest
  10. Don't feel bad!! I love my Coach bags too. I love that they have designs for A LOT of different tastes. I love the quality. Sometimes there are duds, but I think that's true for many things, not just Coach purses. I love Coach so much that I've gone from 2 to 50 in 3 :graucho:

    This IS a forum for us Coachies and most of the threads here ARE very positive. Most of the regular posters here love Coach bags as much as I do. Even though I get frustrated with the way Coach is operating right now, I remain a fan of the brand. I've loved Coach since the mid-late 80's, and will continue to be loyal to the brand. Do I own other brands? Sure, I have a few, but I still carry my Coach bags the most often.

    Amen!!! So well stated!!!
  11. Don't be. They have a place and fairly sure they will continue too. Again, i own COach heck i am noticing a new snoopy line.. how i missed this? anyhoo...

    I think some of the negativity is coming from a place of frustration while Coach revamps and deals with it's identity crisis, there will always be people who will say "I am done" and move on there choice, and there will be others who will remain loyal to the brand throughout the years.

    My oldest owns more Coach than i do right now, they give her something upper scale while suiting her budget, her friends and co-workers in her age range adore and gush over her upscale purses so while here Coach may not be considered an upgrade, many in the real world do. ;)
  12. Agree with all of these statements. I have some other handbags but Coach is always my favorite. Just ditched some from KS and a couple others. Never did MK.

  13. I love my Coach bags. I have a soft spot for Coach, it's the brand I have the most bags from. They make me happy , and that's what is important! I also own some LV bags. If you visit the LV forum, there are threads like this one, where some think LV is not luxury anymore.
    Everybody has different tastes, which is why it's great that so many brands and options are available. Get whatever you like and makes you happy!
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    Stand by what you love!

    For awhile I neglected my Coach purses and they sat in the back of my closet because of the opinions towards Coach. Then, I let my LV monogram pieces gather some dust because of the opinions towards them. I soon came to realize that if I stopped using or wearing things just because people may look down at me for it than I would carry nothing at all.

    So, now most of my Coach purses are back in regular rotation and I have even picked up a new one and plan on buying more because the price point doesn't make me feel guilty and the quality is there. Quality issues will always occur but Coach has had a good track record with me. I usually stick to quality leather pieces and those run a couple of hundred. If people don't consider dropping a couple of hundred dollars on something that is not a necessity of life a luxury than their view on life is a little screwed and they need to count their blessings. But, that's just my little humble opinion.

  15. You'll see bashing everywhere. Someone somewhere will always think something you like isn't good enough. And BLEEP 'em!

    Although I can understand not liking a brand if you've had personal experience with poor quality or customer service.

    I never got the concept of "entry level" and "moving on". I owned a Gucci & LV before I owned a Coach. I own several premiere designers, and I still buy Coach.

    I personally don't like the new styles that Coach has come out with the past year or 2. But you better believe I still love the Coach bags I have. - And I actually have liked the recent artist collaborations, ie Baseman & Peanuts.