Is Coach considered a luxury brand?

  1. Oh man! Did you get rid of Denim Heritage? :sad:
  2. Yep & the jade sage

  3. Tell me it held up terribly. I still regret passing it up when I had the opportunity to get it with PCE, and wasn't going to pay double on eBay as soon as it disappeared.
  4. My coach bags have held up over the years but I haven't bought anything new in a while. The newer bags I have look like they wouldn't last as a daily bag. The quality definitely has taken a dive. I'm sad to say I've moved on.
  5. I love my "old" coach bags and think they have held up well. I have several that I plan on keeping forever. I was just in Macy's and was sad to see the current selection of bags. The leather was thin and plastic-like and I didn't think the styles are timeless. They need to go back to their roots for sure.
  6. I think it's all relative as to whether Coach is considered a luxury or not. To many people it IS a luxury to buy a Coach bag. It's not considered a premier designer brand like Chanel, but then it doesn't cost as much either.
  7. Wow, I'm so sorry to hear that. I knew my Legacy duffles were going to have wear problems when I bought them so I'm fine with that. Other than those, the only bags I've been disappointed in as far as longevity are 1. wisteria embossed Sophia - it has gotten wrinkled and soft so the embossing isn't crisp anymore, 2. sparkle suede Poppy cinch - so delicate! 3. signature patchwork Poppy rocker - light colored fabric picks up color transfer every time I carry it.

    On the other hand, I have bags that are 40 years old that are still in fantastic condition, and some of my more recent bags seem to be wearing well. Some, like the Legacy pebbled drawstrings, seem to be indestructible.
  8. +1 So true!!!
  9. It'll be very interesting to see if Coach will be able to backtrack from the endless turnover/scarcity marketing/quick markdown schedules that has characterized their brand for the past 10 or so years. LV still makes Speedy, Chanel still makes GSTs. Does Coach (outside their classics line) make anything from even 2 years ago? That's what keeps them from being considered high end, IMO - they have a lower-end selling scheme. It'll be a sea change and could lose them a lot of customers like the JCPenney changes (though JCP in my estimation came out the other side of that a much better store).
  10. As stated before, it's all perspective. If one has never paid more than $20 for a purse, Coach could be considered a luxury. I've been happy with their product for the amount I pay. Mind you, I very rarely pay full price, as I have an outlet ~20 min a way with great SA's, and a well used eBay account.
    I've always thought of LV as the gateway brand, since once you get people paying that much for coated canvas... I'm kidding! I'm kidding! LV lovers, please don't kill me! It was a joke! :crybaby:
  11. Very good point! My husband and I were just talking about this the other day... I wish they had some classic or staples they would refresh/revamp every now and again.

    (Good observation on JCP, too.)
  12. I completely agree. I feel like they did that for awhile with the duffle. And then the borough which I thought would be around for a long time. The edie/phoebe/maggie has been around for a number of years though and I definitely think that is a staple bag for coach. But I completely agree.
  13. I posted my opinion few days ago or last week. (My answer was No) Since then I've been asking my friends and relatives the same question. I've never seen any of them with Coach so I was curious to hear their opinion.

    All of them said NO!
  14. yeah, that is what i was saying.. i mean here Coach is an upgrade... you see them loads, we do have an outlet so i am sure that plays a role..i would never pay FP for Coach.

    LV that is a whole 'nother world IMO... considering the cheapest i believe for a purse here is about 600$? I have yet to reach that point not arrogant enough to say i would never that said for now.. nope not in my comfort zone.

    My oldest daughter owns quite a few newer Coach, there doing just fine.. are they super expensive purses? no.. but they are standing up and she's not the sort to baby stuff...
  15. Not considered a "luxury" brand but I'm guessing to those that can't afford them it is to them