I'm in need of advice..my authenticated K28 is deemed fake by Paris HQ

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  1. #1 Oct 4, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
    Really appreciate any input on this matter...

    Long story short - I've been longing for a mou Kelly so a few months ago I purchased a mou Kelly28 from a reputable reseller. Prior to making the purchase I also had the bag authenticated by @bababebi and obtained a certificate.

    I then sent her to the boutique for a spa treatment. Today after-sales in Paris got back with the news that the bag is not authentic. We all know what this means...

    As for the next step, I'm not able to provide any original purchase document except bababebi's certificate. I know I should and have got in touch with my boutique asking for their advice regarding this matter. I kindly asked them for possibility of having the bag re-assessed by the artisan in Paris.

    I know the best I could do now is to sit and wait to hear back from my boutique. But I really need a sounding board to help me survive through the wait....Thoughts are flowing in my mind...What is the chance of having Paris HQ re-assess my bag? Could it be that the artisan actually made a wrong judgement? Or could it be that our trusty @bababebi actually made a mistake here?
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  2. Oh no!!! Reading this made my heart sank. I don’t have any valuable advice but I truly hope it turns out well for you.
  3. I’m so sorry. This is everyone’s worst nightmare. I’m wondering if Bababebi has any connections with HQ in Paris? She seems like a very well-connected person. Maybe she can help HQ reassess the bag and explain why she thinks it’s authentic? Maybe they can work it out?
  4. I’m sorry this happened to you. I’ve never bought anything from a reseller or vintage, but glad you share your story. Sounds like a nightmare.
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  5. I am so sorry that it happened to you. I don't think the bag will be reassessed as authentic once it's deemed a fake by the Hermes HQ in Paris. There is a reason why each bag is stamped with unique letter and number to identify and ultimately track the artisan.
    I am not sure if there is any insurance or warranty provided by Bababebi, but it seems that you should contact her for any resort.
  6. not sure if this thread could be more informative to further discuss with the H team? Perhaps the the Kelly mou is so rare (apparently only produced in 2005-2006), and only produced in 2 types of leather, this could help support an appeal request if your bag does fit the bill?


    "Kelly MOU, named after the first Kellys made of Gulliver that were so soft, they were foldable. The Kelly MOU is a RETOURNE with extra softness to the ouside leather. After Gulliver in the mid 90's, it came in Clemence in the late 90's. then in other leathers...

    Kelly SELLIER MOU : only a limited production from years 2005/2006 in Chevre Jantze(spelling?) and Togo. Outside stitching and only 1 layer of lining that makes the bag as soft as a MOU."
  7. Thanks everyone for simply being here. @frankiextah your post is my exact reason for seeking out a mou sellier K from the reseller route and I enjoyed her company while she was with me.

    @peggioka thanks for your advice. I shall try our beloved bababebi for advice and will share her feedback here too.

    All I hope for is HQ Paris gives the bag a second assessment ☹️
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  8. I presume one of the first things you did was to contact bababebi.
    What was her response?
    If not, why not.
  9. I’m so sorry for the stress you’re going through. I can say without a doubt Paris has been mistaken in the past and giving them a chance to redeem themselves is the best recourse with the help of your store director or Sales associate.
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  10. I have reached out to her and and is awaiting her opinion. Will share my progress here and hopefully no one has to face such situation ever. Thanks for your post.
  11. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your kind words. My experience with Hermes and Bababebi has both been nothing but pleasant so far. I shall remain optimistic and pray that no authentic Hermes artisanship falls victim to any inaccurate information on their own end. *fingers crossed*
  12. Omg so sorry to hear that. Hope this can be resolved quickly with HQ.
    I feel your pain completely as my k28 sellier mou which also was authenticated by bababebi is my all time favorite bag, I havent taken it to SPA yet as it came to me with some stickers still on.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you and keep us posted!
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  13. Sorry that this has happened to you. Would you please kindly let us know which reputable reseller you purchased your Mou Kelly from and maybe you can ask them to provide you a copy of the receipt if you lost yours. Hope everything is just an unintentional oversight by Paris. Good luck :hugs:.

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  14. #14 Oct 5, 2018
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    I'm so sorry this happened!
    Maybe they'll give it a second look. Maybe There is a chance that they are wrong and it is authentic.
    This is a nightmare!

    @bababebi may be able to help you.
  15. #15 Oct 5, 2018
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    @miss argile Thank you for your kind words. I share your love for mou sellier K. I call the style Ms K. Hopefully my Ms K's journey has a happy ending.

    @tonkamama I've PM'd you the name of the reseller and thanks for sharing your thoughts. After receiving After-sales' email I got in touch with the reseller immediately and asked for her help. Unfortunate the bag was not sold with original purchase document. But she was able to provide the set of pictures which were used for authentication. I've forwarded those pics along with @bababebi certificate to the store manager. Now I'm waiting to see what the next step looks like.
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