If there was a emergency or a fire and you could only save one or two bags...

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  1. Granted my husband and kids are safe, and fact pak is secure, I would grab whatever purse has all my stuff (cc, ID etc) and whatever bag is in proximity usually my 2 Abbeys. But Next to my closet is a window time permitting I could probably toss a good number of bags out and follow with little time wasted. If not *shrugs* they can be replaced.
  2. Man, this is tough. I'd have to say my teal francine and my XL HS satchel and my LV Alma. I'm starting to think I should store my valuables in the bags so I have a reason to grab my bags and not seem totally crazy, lol.
  3. I laughed at this queston. Read it to my husband. He said " Sh** I'd have the kids and your LV's by the time you stopped panicing,lol. So since he would do all that I would grab my jade Hailey because I havent even got to carry her yet and she is beautiful.