If there was a emergency or a fire and you could only save one or two bags...

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  1. Luckily my DH and my DS are both healthy & strong to run I will grab my Mulberry Mabel and one coming soon that might be the Balenciaga.
  2. That was a good thought provoking question - hmmmm, I'd have to say I would first grab whatever bag I was currently using since that would have all of my stuff in it and then I guess if I could only save one more it would have to be my putty Lindsay.
  3. Each night when I go to bed I try to make sure that my keys and everything else (wallet, etc.) are in my purse. I put my purse on my nightstand, with my phone charging right there. My laptop and charger go into their bag (Keen), again, close to the bed. My shoes tuck under my bed. The only jewelry that I would be devastated to lose (engagement ring, wedding band, eternity/anniversary band, and antique platinum diamond/emerald ring) are on my fingers.

    I got into the habit of putting things right by me after we had a fire alarm in a timeshare condo we were in. I realized I would be disoriented and wouldn't know where anything was. I had gotten shoes and jacket on, and grabbed my purse, and DH and I each grabbed a sleeping child. We knew our unit wasn't on fire, but honestly the alarm was so loud and insistent I could hardly think. I left my computer and my jewelry inside. I used to not be able to sleep with my rings on; I taught myself how to after that.

    In the reality of a fire in the house I need to get my children, husband, and dogs out. There might not even be time to grab the purse, computer, or my shoes. In an earthquake or a fire evacuation we could take more with us. But I would grab the iMac and external hard drive, photo albums, and paperwork before I'd grab a handbag.
  4. My mahogany and garnets and purple op art maggie. If I had time, I'd get my purple mini skinnys - I am collecting them. I have 5 now. Okay, I admit it, I'm strange...
  5. Do you have to stop at two if you can fit them over your arms and neck??? LOL
    I would try to take as many as possible!!!

    If I could only take two, they would be my Red Patent Peyton and My Black Lily!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  6. OMG, I don't even what to think about this. My hands would be full with grabbing my baby and 3 YO, so the bags would probably get left behind. If I had the chance to grab, def my Lilly & Peyton Inlaid Tote. Thank goodness for insurance!
  7. At this point I only have 3 Coach lovelies and several other different designers to chose from. If I could only pick 1 from each designer, my Coach choice would be... my Pink Parker Op Art Shoulder Bag. It may not be the most "valuable" of my 3, but it has the most meaning to me as it was my first Coach purse and my husband's birthday gift to me. I will gladly cherish it for a long time! ^_^
  8. Assuming family and pets are safe.
    It would be the bag containing my stuff, at the current moment that is my Black/silv med.leather garnet.
  9. Mmmm I guess I'll grab my Sabrina, my inlaid Peyton and my Audrey. But I'm not sure I'll be thinking of that if there's a fire at home. I'll be more worried trying to rescue my parents and german shepherd.
  10. Well my 3 cats...my bag for the day. If I had time to make it to the closet my carly and maggie. Carly was my first and maggie was a gift from my boy friend. Cats are first ;)
  11. i really, really like all the bags i have and if i couldn't just shove the big treasure chest that contains about 30% of my bags, i would probably grab the one that had all my stuff in it and let the rest burn... i have a rider on my insurance policy for the collectibles... after the devastation of a fire, creating a new bag collection might be therapeutic
  12. I wouldn't even save my bag lol but I do keep it by my bed so it would be easy to grab lol. I wouldn't be worried saving my bag I would be worried more about saving my three puggles... which one do I grab first lol
  13. After my husband and animals I would grab my Chelsea Abbey and my black leather Julianne. Although, I think I could fit 3-4 bags on ea. arm so most likely I could get 6-8 out of here!!!!
  14. My large chocolate Zoe and my gray Legacy Top Handle because they would be the most expensive to replace.
  15. My condo actually has false alarms at least once a month - I always sleep in something I wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen in public with. I grab the bag I'm currently using (cards, money, keys, etc. are vital), small jewelry box with everything that is real/heirloom, and arrive downstairs so groggy the firefighters ask me if I'm OK. I figure bags, clothes, costume jewelry and anything else can be replaced.