If there was a emergency or a fire and you could only save one or two bags...

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  1. ...which one would you grab and run?

    I'm asking myself to evaluate which bag I love most, and as I can't seem to decide which bag I like most- in this scenario I seem to right away grab my black brooke and my poppy violet hobo...

    ...what would be your first choice?
  2. i couldn't choose.. i'd just start grabbing whatever i can!
  3. omg when i first read the title i can't lie i was laughing lol, i don't know if i would be thinking about my bags if there was a fire :P god forbid...

    but my bag that i love the most that would go with me and our family in any situation, would be my Kristin tote, i can threw in some important documents and important things that we would need quickly lol i can't even imagine this right now sorry :smile:
  4. oh man if i had to pick it would be my new xl black legacy lily satchel, or my bordeaux kira bag
  5. There are other things I'd take first like my computer and photos. But, If I had time for bags, I'd take my Cobalt and Mahogany Maggies.
  6. of course, this is just a "bag" question. I understand that you'd go for actual things of value, so would i, but I mean, if you already got everything of value, and the only thing left is the bags, which one? sorry about the confusion. i just mean, when you really really have to choose just one or two, which one would that be?
  7. LOL love this! Well thank my lucky stars I have all my Coach stuff (3 bags, 3 wristlets, 3 scarves, 9 fobs) in a dustbag so I can grab the dustbag and RUN LIKE HELL!

    .....Ooh crap my wallet, coin purse and pencil case are in my school bag.....*reverses*
  8. I would shove as many accessories/wallets in my Large Chocolate Signature Zoe and run out the door ... I'd try and save my Textured Metallic Claire also and shove a couple more bags in her ;)
  9. It would me my old standby coach leather backpack from like 97. That bag has been through hell and back and I still love it. My second would be my new black patent peyton. I am in love with that bag.
  10. my plum cambridge and my petrol lindsay. I guess those are the two latest bags I've gotten, I wonder why I like the latest and greatest bags the best? lol
  11. Realistically it would be whichever bag has my stuff in it that day. If it was a fire evac I might end up with my huge Hampton's tote as well, just because it holds a lot.
  12. assuming I could grab all my other stuff that means alot to me, hmm I would be my tartan glam tote, and my red sequin spotlight
  13. Last year a member on here had his apt catch on fire. He ran back in to grab the TV and his guinea pig and ran out but when he ran bag in to grab his collection, it was too late :0(
  14. My Maggie and my Sabrina. I am terrified of this though...I have a TON of pictures...I would DIE to lose any of them!!
  15. chocolate medium zoe :smile: