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  1. You're welcome. There was also a nubuc version with a different style number.
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    @Cyanide Rose See the link below for before and after pics of a West End Hobo that I rehabbed several year ago. I thought that the pics might be of interest if you ever do decide to buy this style bag.
  3. Wow that came out amazing! I am definitely gonna put this style on my look out for list. Thanks you this information
  4. @Cyanide Rose - check yoour PMs.
  5. Will do thanks
  6. Looking for more information on this Cody bag. Can anyone tell me if this was ever made in red or green? 53f58e6975f9d67a210d6c48366e51a4.jpeg
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  7. It was apparently only made for a very short time. Except for the closure it was almost identical to the Taft Bag and Coach seldom kept 2 similar styles in production at the same time. I've had that style name and number on my Ebay Watch list for years and think I've only seen one example. I'm not even sure what color this actually is.
    9964_Cody Bag-a.JPG 9964_Cody Bag-c.JPG
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  8. That's got to be mahogany.
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  9. Last night I found this bag and bought it. Or so I thought. The seller cancelled immediately saying it was already sold on another site. I just thought I share.... Even if it's just for the record! In the last two years I have never seen it for sale anywhere. I'll just assume it was fake to make feel better since there's no pic of the serial number!
    inCollage_20190113_092319853.jpeg inCollage_20190113_092441105.jpeg
  10. Another consolation: it might not be could be black. But still...

    I think I've seen one Cody (on shopgoodwill maybe) in the last 2 years.
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  11. By the way, does anyone have the name of the other bag shown in that catalog pic, the dark brown flap with the seam down the middle? I should know that one....
  12. I thought that bag was recently discussed above or in the AT thread recently.
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  13. @Cyanide Rose posted her beautifully rehabbed one here recently:
    Coach Rehab and Rescue Club
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  14. It's the mail pouch 9962.
    9962_Mail Pouch-1994Holiday.jpg
  15. The grommets look silver.
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