ID This Coach item! -- Post any Coach item name questions here! --

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  1. Yes, I’ve been running into that a lot lately on eBay. I wanted to look at the style to see what I could find out about it because it reminded me of that tattersall style. Asked there and here, not intending to purchase on this auction because of the lack of photos and information but I thought someone knew the name so I could look it up. No worries though.
  2. That laced detail around the edges is found in the West End collection (Wayback Machine, August 2000):

    9466 9467 West End Collection Aug 2000.JPG
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  3. Catbird9, Thanks so much. I really appreciate your kindness.
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  4. This is my opinion but I still wouldn't recommend buying the bag from that seller unless and until you got the required pictures needed to authenticate it. And it probably wouldn't hurt to offer constructive criticism and suggest that she could make more money more quickly if her listings included more pictures.

    Having just become an ebay member a week ago, she's not an experienced seller (or buyer) and might welcome the suggestions.
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    That adds to the problem, the West End line had style numbers between 9466 and 9476 so a mistake in reading the style number on the seller's part is unlikely.

    And I'm sorry if I sound unkind, but I'd rather be blunt and prevent someone from buying or even thinking of buying a possible fake - not just the Original Poster, but anyone else reading this who might be considering it.
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  6. I have a leather question! I bought some gorgeous Tearose embellished dusty rose gloves online (NWT $48.50) and they are described as "Sheep Leather" but they are very soft and I was guessing "Lamb Nappa" - and they do come from the same kind of animal. Are they basically the same thing? Or do they only use adult sheep to make Sheep Leather? Is lamb nappa considered more valuable or about the same?

    Here is the Coach listing on the Wayback Machine and a photo of the product tag inside the glove, thanks!


  7. I have a comment sort of in defense of the newbie, however I still don't recommend her unless and until more pictures are furnished as well as "enlightening" the seller with the suggested constructive criticism.

    I'm not sure exactly how to explain it or how it works with ebay but I believe if listing an item and starting from scratch that ebay gives the seller various options to choose from when filling in the item specifics. And to that end, I suspect that the style number shown is something that came up when the seller (unknowingly) decided that the style of her bag is a "hobo."

    I'm betting that the style number shown in the item specifics of the listing isn't on that bag and also that the seller has no clue what the number means!

    (I'm speculating on what happened because I haven't experienced it myself. I don't list from scratch and supply my own item specifics, specific to the actual item I am listing.)

    Again, this seller really needs an education!
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  8. I always create a new listing by selling similar, starting with an old listing and changing things. There have been times when I'll forget to change a field or two so the information shows incorrect.
  9. Those are pretty! I stopped buying Coach gloves when they stopped lining them with cashmere. Sheep could be from an adult rather than a lamb.
    Here is some information:
  10. Thanks! I love my cashmere lined gloves, but there were just so pretty that I couldn't resist!
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  11. Good point, thanks for the clarification. I don't sell on Ebay so I'm clueless about what kind of options a seller has when setting up a listing.
  12. She sent me D 02-9467 today a few times. I’m not interested in this bag specifically (maybe in a different color), but I like the style. Thanks again.
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  13. If it is authentic, it would be West End Medium Hobo. The 2 factory code would be right for this style.
    9467 West End Medium Hobo.JPG
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  14. I see it came in four colors, good to know. Thanks so much.
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