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  1. Hi! I thrifted a (seemingly) older document/laptop type bag today and I'm wondering if it is authentic and if so, what the style name is. Any info at all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance :smile:

    NO. 048-3030

    IMG_6517.1.jpg IMG_6518.1.jpg IMG_6519.1.jpg IMG_6520.1.jpg
  2. Welcome to the forum. This isn't an authentication thread, it is for IDing items you already know are authentic. We have an authentication thread here: It's kind of hard to find!

    This time you don't need to post in the authentication thread because I can tell you the bag appears authentic. It also appears to be an Executive Briefcase # 5260 made around 1990. In the future, please also provide measurements for identifying.
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  3. Thank you so much! Super grateful for your knowledge and guidance
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  4. image.jpg
    Found at local consignment shop
  5. Does anyone know the name of this bag? 20190103_213341.jpg
  6. It looks like Grain Leather Mickie tote F34039. The color is cardinal.
  7. Thank you
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  9. Hello ladies.

    Just curious if these markings on the brass clips of a vintage Swinger bag means something, is a brand or just the way it was done....? As I said only curious, no hurry. TIA
    IMG_2301.jpeg IMG_2303.jpeg
  10. sorry, I don't know the name. I had one of these a long time ago. So cute, but so small! It probably has the word 'pouch' in the name.
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  11. It's style 1751 and this is Coach's image:
    1751 signature double pocket .png
    And here's a listing found on a Japanese website:

    ETA: This listing on Tradesy calls it a signature gallery double pocket pouch.
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  12. Signature Double Pocket Pouch is how it's listed in my files, no "Gallery" AFAIK. But Coach is famous for changing or tweaking names as they go along.
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  13. There's only one photo and we prefer to know something listed as a Coach is actually authentic before identifying it. What concerns me is that in the description the seller posted under "product line" is "coach hobo 9024". But style 9024 doesn't look anything like that bag, it belongs to this Ergo Hobo:
    9024_unk Ergo-a.jpg

    So already we have a bag with no creed photo and an apparently invalid style number. How do we identify something like that? Coach did make a style with that detail but I'm not going to dignify that listing with a name until I can see some proof that it's genuine, and we NEVER advise buying online unless you can actually see the creed and serial number if the bag has one.

    Ebay allows a seller to include 12 photos per listing at no charge. There's no excuse for showing just one photo.
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