I was robbed. Some of my Chanel is gone forever :(

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  1. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Thank you so much for your advice. I hope the police can recover the stolen stuffs and catch the thieves. Hug! Hug! Hug!
  2. Terrible! Sorry to hear this! It's not a good feeling to be robbed at all, regardless of what is stolen or not... but thanks for the tips... I have been thinking about uppipng my insurance... hope they catch these people!
  3. Thanks so much. It really is a woman's worst nightmare. Especially when you see your most private things like underware, bras, etc... thrown all over the floor. Things have already started to improve. I feel a lot safer now that we have an alarm.

  4. WOW! How horrible! I am truly sorry for what happened to you.
    Thanks for all your tips. I always have those fears and I think it's really time I have home security alarm installed!
  5. I'm horrified~ I heard stories of celebs (incl Rachel Bilson) who lost their designer bags and clothing and I didn't think it could happen to one of us. I guess it did. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I will definitely start to store my all of my items carefully. *Hugs* and thank you so much for the tips.
  6. That is horrible... I'm so sorry that happened to you. I'm glad that you still have your Chanel bags. I would definitely get an alarm system since you travel often. I hope they are able to catch the thieves.
  7. WOW! You're right; it is every woman's worst nightmare. I am so sorry that this happened to you.
  8. This is a serious tragedy. I'm so sorry for you. This would be a nightmare for any of us.

    More tips: You need to add a special rider to you home owner's policy to cover you collection (most regular policies don't cover it). It helps to have photos/copies of receipts etc. I have known people who have made videos of their possessions for insurance purposes. If you had an organized catalog of everything, that would be helpful.

    Also, thieves typically head straight for the master bedroom closet. They know most of the goodies are in there and if they don't have much time, that is the first place they will go. You may want to store your stuff in other places in the house and not all together.

    Keep your alarm set at all times even while you are at home and even when your DH is there with you. I set the alarm every time I go in/out the door. I know two people who had break-ins while they were home! Thieves often strike during the day while they think people are at work.

    If anyone else has good tips, please post them!

    I'm really sorry for you Bri. :sad:
  9. Yes, that is what my mom said too. At least we weren't home and no one was hurt. They did torment 2 of my animals though.

  10. Ohmygod I'm so sorry to hear that bri. Thank God u guys are not hurt. It could be worse. I hope the police will catch these robbers the soonest
  11. Yes, my babies are still with me. Thank God!!!

  12. Thanks! I am checking ebay and craigslist everyday for my jewelry. Nothing yet. One of the suspects was a teenage girl, so she may keep everything. It was like she was shopping with my stuff. She even went through my makeup!

  13. Call me paranoid, I have security cameras around the house installed at all sides, front door and back door. Camera is controlled via computer and I can monitor activities throughout the day. My DH was robbed before so he became paranoid.
  14. Yes, please use your alarm as much as possible. I never realized how much safer you feel with an alarm. We should have gotten one a long time ago. We live in a really nice neighborhood so didn't think we needed one. The police say that's when you need one the most.

  15. Sorry that this happened to you and Im glad you and your DH are safe. It's a worst nightmare indeed but this material things can be replaced. Be safe. Definitely get an alarm system.