I was robbed. Some of my Chanel is gone forever :(

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  1. I know this is an old thread, but I want to say I am sorry sorry for what you had to go through and thank you for the information you provided as it is invaluable. I am guilty of having all my goodies in the master closet in full view and your post really made me see the error of my ways. I have been considering a safe and wanted to see of anyone has any recommendations on the type of safe and good locations to put it? I have quite a bit of jewerely, bags, and watches so I'm thinking it would have to be on the bigger side. I've browsed online and it is overwhelming the choices.
  2. I searched up this thread, because I am so nervous some of my stuff will one day be stolen, and came across your post.. My boyfriend's parents keep their safe in a tiny little "office." That place is a mess and does not look polished at all. I believe the safe is in a closet past a whole bunch of disorganzied book piles. Too be honest, when my bf said his parents had a safe i was like "what?! where?! :S loll I guess it is best to keep it in such an unassuming location in your home!
  3. oh my gosh! what a nightmare!! did you find out who did it?
  4. BRI 333,
    I dont know if you still on track with this thread. I know how you felt.
    It happened to me once but not with a chanel bag. I had a Louis Vuitton Mahina XL and I got robbed.
    I forgot how much was that bag but I know I cried my butt off for it.
    I was on my bf's car with bunch of friends to AC.
    We parked our car in the BALLYs Garage. We decided to make trips to the car to get all the stuff. I left my bag with kindle, iphone and keys in the car. After leaving our stuff in the hotel lobby, we got back to the car. The passenger seat's window were broken. My bag was stolen. I cried my butt off for sure. Before I hit the casino, I already lost 3K of stuff. It was the worst trip ever in my whole life. Whenever I think about it, i will cry. I saved up many months for the bag and Kindle was a gift from my dad. I know how you feel. I dont know if you have this feeling that when you think about your bag, you will suddenly teared up due to your hard work and your favorite bag.
  5. ZOMG !!! I feel for you
    I know that if happened to me and I had seen it, they would need multiple ambulances for those crooks.
  6. So sorry to hear this happened to you and thanks for the tips - good to increase our awareness of what could happen at anytime. glad to hear you and your family are safe and no one was hurt. yes, definitely get the insurance required for the collections we have!
  7. I was wondering what safe is good to get as well. It seems like to be able to hide/lock up expensive purses too, it would have to be a pretty big size.....hhmmmmmm..good that we are thinking of this as it can happen.
  8. The thieves were never caught that I know of. Who knows though, maybe they got caught committing another crime. Hopefully!

    Did you ever get a safe? I am in the process of getting a second safe. To me, you can't be careful enough. All of the stuff we have (bags, jewelry, etc)... are worth a lot of money. Even our shoes are. Someday I want to install a door on my closet that has a combination to open. That would be like one big safe. Until then, my bags and jewelry are in the safe and we have the house alarm.

    I think it is good that the safe is there. You don't want it to be in an obvious place. Or out on display so to speak. A built in safe in the wall or underground is best. Those are pretty expensive though. I have a large commercial safe and maybe getting another one in a medium size.

    They were teenagers. A boy and a girl. One of our neighbors saw them. The case was never solved though. They robbed several houses in our area too.

    I am so sorry to hear this happened to you! All of my jewelry was stolen. Basically, 28 years worth. It was very depressing. I am still paranoid and suspicious about anyone around my house. Don't think I will ever get over it. I was very lucky that none of my bags got stolen. They took jewelry and shoes (all my Pradas.)

    Yes, I think insurance is very important too. I didn't have enough coverage for my jewelry, so lost some money there. Now I have extra insurance for all of my jewelry. All of the other stuff was covered, just jewelry needs extra insurance since that is the most common thing to be stolen. We were both at work during the robbery, so were safe.

  9. So sorry to hear ...hope u Ok , n Tfs :hugs:
  10. can you give more information on how to include the items to your homeowners policy?
  11. I am so sorry for your loss. :sad: Thank you for sharing your cautionary tale!
  12. OMG I'm sorry to hear about your jewelry getting stolen! Why do people have to go take stuff that doesn't belong to them?!?!?!?!?! Thank god that your bags were still there thou. That's a blessing, and the fact that no one (that you mentioned anyway) go hurt. Take care hun.
  13. This is awful to read about. It makes me think about those rotten kids from the Bling Ring and how selfish they were. The sad irony about those kids is the fact that they were already loaded and didn't need to steal other people's stuff.

    Sometimes I wonder why people even stoop so low when they know they'll possibly be joining murderers, arsonists, and other tough folks in the jail.
  14. OMG sounds awful, thanks god u were not there! thanks for the tips...
  15. I'm sorry to hear that, thank you for sharing your tips. They are very helpful. I'll have them in mind.