I was robbed. Some of my Chanel is gone forever :(

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  1. thanks for sharing your story.
  2. Hey Patent Wonder Twin! We are safe and sound. Actually this experience brought us closer. DH was mad that they took so much of my stuff. He would have rather them took his stuff. He has been great and very understanding. I'll be fine. NM has the Camellia earrings that were stolen and that was my favorite piece. So I'll rebuy those again when the insurance check comes.

  3. I'm so so sorry!! I'm glad you and your DH is okay. Hopefully they'll find the theives soon and bring them to justice...and also for terrorizing your pets! I hope your family will recover soon. :hugs:
  4. Yes, all of my babies are safe and sound. I freaked out when DH called any my mind immediately went to my Chanel bags. Call me crazy but my bags are my most prized possessions ;)

  5. Thanks T! You have a gorgeous collection. Definitely get an alarm system and keep the ones you aren't using hidden. Your collection is amazing!

  6. Thanks Cyndee. We have detectives and police working on the case. There was another home on our street robbed the day before us and another one around the corner two weeks before that. So they are definitely trying to catch these teens. There has been neighbors who saw them so we have descriptions already.

  7. Hey Soph! No not yet. They do have a description though from one of the neighbors who saw the girl carrying a box and standing outside of our house. They thought she was helping us move...we weren't moving though. There is also a guy too both in there teens. They robbed two other house in our HOA.

  8. OMG Sabrina!!! I can't believe you were robbed!!!! I felt so violated just reading your post! I'm so very sorry. I hope the police catch the thieves and throw them in jail for a long time!!! Just for terrorizing your pets and going through your personal belongings.

    I'm glad your bags were spared! I was having a heart attack thinking about your exotics for a second.

    I'm so very sorry. Hugs.
  9. Thanks L! The newest baby was right next to the bed too. When DH called, that's the first thing I thought of. My heart sunk. When I got home, it was the first thing I checked on. Thank God she was still there. Since it was still in the Saks bag, they didn't see what it was. It was a miracle that it wasn't stolen.

    All of my jewelry is gone though, and some shoes, perfumes, etc... one of suspects was a girl teen 13-16 years old. I think she just took what she liked and her boyfriend took all the jewelry and was looking for cash obviously by how they tore apart the house.

  10. Sabrina. I am so sorry for your Chanel losses. For the future and other forum members, take inventory of all of your valuables, (Chanel) including fine jewelry. Take photos of your Chanel and other Designer pieces and the receipts for incidents such as this. Put then on a CD and put in a safety deposit box for safekeeping. It makes it easier to describe showing the amount purchased. Also, make sure if you do have a safe, it is bolted into the concrete so criminals do not remove it from the house. Even if you do have an alarm, dead bolt your closet door. Thieves want to grab and run. They don't have the time to fool with deadbolts if the alarm is screaming.
  11. gosh, I'm so sorry this happened to you. I'm glad your bags are okay and I really hope the police catch the theives that did this. I often think that I really should move my Chanel bags from my closet since they are right up there in their dustbags just starring down at me. It would be a robbers dream. We don't have an alarm system, but I think this is something I should seriously think about.
    Thanks for the tips about the bags and shoes. Good advice!
  12. I totally agree. OP, so sorry this happened to you. What a horrible experience to have your home violated in such a way. So glad you & your DH were not there and are safe.
  13. OMG, i m so sorry this happened !!! :cry:
  14. Bree......... I'm so sorry this happened to you. I know how upset you must feel! I was also robbed at a gas station, and my 35cm Birkin was stolen. I felt completely violated! I understand your frustration and pain!:hugs:
  15. Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry to hear this. I would be devastated if this happened to me. Chin up! I hope the police catch the burglars soon! *hugs* Let us know if there is anything we can do!