How/where do you report website/shops/sellers of fakes/counterfeits?

  1. The thing was that the money was going for charity!! And my friend, who purchased an item last year raved about them... she got a fendi purse (which I assume is probably fake??) but she doesn't know. All the people who were raving about them.. were actually really wealthy people who could def afford to by full price (I know that's shallow) but I didn't even second think my purchases when I was there... I thought it was legit.

    Fooled me. I've learned my lesson. The 1000+ price tag is there for a reason. YOU KNOW IT'S NOT FAKE. lol

    I cried. :sad:

  2. I called the lady and she said she would refund my money (SHE STILL CLAIMS IT'S AUTHENTIC). i just have to send her the 2 bags. Now, I got this over the phone... her address and all... i didn't think to record our conversation.

    I'm afraid that if I send her the bags, she won't send me a check. do you think a conversation on the phone will stand up in law? IF she doesn't refund me back my money?
  3. Make sure you insure the package and get a signature for delivery.
  4. Did she give you a receipt for that bag? If you file an insurance claim, that is the first thing you will have to provide to even collect on the insurance just in case she claims she never got the bags back, which I wouldn't put that past her.
  5. :cursing:

    There is a man here who has set up shop at a craft fair in my mall. According to the woman who was doing the selling, they will be there every weekend this month. They also had a flier for the disgusting purse parties and state that the bags are fake. The phone number on there is hopefully what will lead people to the man doing this.

    EVen though they are stated as fakes, they are exact replicas of Vuitton, Coach, Dolce and Gabanna, etc. I know it's not legal and even if something isn't legally done, at least I know I have tried.

    Can you guys please tell me how I should go about reporting this. Who will actually do something?
  6. You could also talk to mall management about illegal activities in the mall and contact local authorities. I have heard of huge busts they do on the purse party and mall kiosks.
  7. Above tips are excellent.

    You could also report them to Vuitton, Coach, Dolce and Gabanna, etc. Use the Contact Us or Contact a Salesperson buttons on their websites.

    Those companies will be mad as heck and will contact someone with clout.
  8. ...or call your local news....that's what I did, and I had a reporter actually go out to the store in our area who was selling fakes. They were immediately shut down and, needless to say, their publicity was not exactly the way they wanted it.
  9. Let the mall management know that a tenant on their property is advertising an illegal activity for which they could be held liable if they allow it to continue. I reported a kiosk that was selling fakes to mall management and they put a stop to it. When I reported it, I emphasized that these goods are illegal and the mall could face a legal situation by allowing the illegal activity to continue. Mentioning something like that usually lights a fire under them.
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    does anyone know where i can report them? it's so disgusting. they even sell fake louboutins.

  11. Don't know what to do about a company in Singapore :sad:

    Valdima [​IMG]
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    Call the police, it's a criminal charge selling fakes.
  13. it's bit extreme isnt it? i mean i cant just call 999 to report a fake bag website. haha