How/where do you report website/shops/sellers of fakes/counterfeits?

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  1. Thought this would be a great sticky also. Let's make a list of all the websites selling fake designer merchandise. We can report these websites regularly. It's apparent that this issue is out of control and we want something done.
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  3. There is an italian blog which sells fake bags: Vuitton and Dior mainly. She did spam on an italian forum where I write too and the girls of the forum told she was selling fakes too. But no one left a comment on the blog to aware buyers, so I did. The owner and about 4/5 sellers told me not really nasty words but the contets of their replies were nasty. I just wrote those bags were fakes and that she should write "replica" at least to inform the customers they're not buying original!
    She also said she has my ip puah!!
    However I wrote an email to the blog-provider. I hope she will close the blog!!

    Have you ever warned people about fakes and people instead of giving right to you support the seller? Have you ever tried to report fakes outside ebay?
    I knew I had to do my business but I'm :hysteric:and just wanted to warn not expert people, uff!!! :shrugs:
    Do you think it's better to make your own business? They told me many thing and ended saying "Don't come here and buy your bags where you use to buy them!" .....sure I will!!!! :supacool:
  4. Check out IACC - its the International Anticounterfeiting Coalition website. You can anonymously report fakes here, if you care to.
  5. I didn't know it!!! Thanks so much for the infos!!!! :love:

  6. If you are concerned about her having your IP address and possibly retaliating by sending you a worm or something, most IP addresses can be re-set by unplugging the modem for 15-30 seconds or more. I seriously doubt anyone would be this crazy but who knows - her business is probably very profitable to her.
  7. Hi Jillian! My DSL connection has still IP it means it can't change - I don't like she knows my ip but I think she doesn't really know how to use it in a nasty way fiuuuuu!
  8. If you google any designer handbag name, two dozen sites come up that supposedly sell it. Of course they all sell fakes. Worse, I suspect some are phisher sites for credit card information. Sites that supposedly sell electronics are the worst for this.

    That said, I don't do anything about it. It's futile and caveat emptor with everything. If people think they can buy expensive Fendi and Balenciaga purses for $300 each (and order how many rare models they want, yet), let them, that's their problem.

    Re the IP, so she has your IP, so what? It won't lead her to you. At best she can only find out the town you're posting from (assuming you're not posting from a place whose name shows up, like a college) and she'd have to subpoena your ISP for your contact info. Or visit the college to find out who was logged into that library computer at that time, LOL.
  9. Yeah, I understand and I do the same about replica/fakes website. The problem with this is she used a forum full of girls who are not all into design bags and really consider those bag real! Also I discovered an italian magazine (one of gossip, none of fashion could be so wrong!!) made a small article about her and says she was great for selling original Dior and Vuitton bags for about 100-150 euro. Most of people think she is legit just because the magazine did her name! I am annoyed for people scammed this way.
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  10. Does anyone out there know who I call to report a boutique that is boldly selling fake bags and also a consignment store. I swear that Harpers used to have a full page ad about knock offs with a phone number, now I can't find anything.
  11. That would be the local police.

    The sale of counterfeit handbags is a Federal offense. That Harpers Hotline was nice, but I actually think it's not in service anymore? I think it was 800stopfakes or something like that.
  12. Seriously, it's the local police? Well that won't be worth doing since I live in a very small town and the cops wifes buy their bags at Walmart and they all act like they are real red necks. They hang out at McDonalds every night. I was hoping there was something that would be dedicated to such a bad problem. But thanks for the info.
  13. I'll move this to Handbags and Purses since this isn't an eBay topic.
    The Harper's Bazzaar info is this: or fax to 202.223.6668
  14. thank you.
  15. I was also wondering what you do about boutiques selling fakes. Theres this fur factory store up here that sells Luis Vuitton and Coach bags. I highly doubt that they are real and I believe that the only ladies buying them are the crew girls off the cruise ships. What can you do about this? I don’t think that the police here would do anything they would probably just laugh at me.