How/where do you report website/shops/sellers of fakes/counterfeits?

  1. hmm so they use youtube to sell their things instead of eBay?? wth? wow. ok so this dude is selling replicas? what a loser! eww
  2. Wow..That blows my mind..I think if enough people report it to youtube..they will remove the video..
  3. Ugh. Could you report it to LV and others directly?
  4. ^^ I've sent emails to LVHM and all I get back is the generic "we feel strongly about this and will look into it" email, but it seems like nothing ever happens to these people. :cursing:
  5. Hi, I went to a purse show at my school university that was thrown by a sorority. ANyways, I brought a purse that I thought was authentic, I had friends who purchased last year and raved about it...

    ANyways, when I used it, one of the hardware pieces fell off, so not really thinking too much of it, I went to the Gucci store to ask them to get it fixed. ANyways, to my dismay... it turned out to be FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was really disappointed. I found my receipt, emailed the owner, looked on the website... and it says "All products are guaranteed authentic or your money back." as the disclaimer.

    Do I call the cops? How do I go about this???
  6. thank you so much.
    also, do you know if they'll get reimbursed or something? i spent over 1000+
  7. I would first try to work out a refund with the owner (via email). Keep all correspondence and contact your local authorities for them to investigate further. Tell them you would like to pursue fraud charges. What they'll do is contact the person who sold it to you giving them the option of refunding or going to jail. You really have to find a good person because they don't take this stuff seriously. Just keep pressing the issue.

    Did you pay with check, cash or cc?
  8. Wow! Good Luck! I just don't think I would have thought that anyone could sell real designer bags out of their home, unless it was a garage sale or something. Those purse parties are reserved for fakes. The police in my town arrest people for that sort of thing if they are tipped off as to where they are being held.
  9. Great to hear!
  10. i would approach the sorority and ask for a refund, mention that you will be reporting them to the university and panhellenic

    i imagine they will not want you to tell anyone about this, as they will have to refund money for lots of people if word gets out

    keep us informed, i am interested to hear what happens

    and never buy from a purse party again, unless you expect to get a fake
  11. It depends on what you want to happen. If you want your money back, contact the seller and see what they say. If they are a consignment company they could have been duped as well and be more than willing to refund your money.

    If you contact the police first, depending on where you are, the size of the fraud department, etc. you may or may not get all the help you need. Also, even if they do investigate or find there is fraud, the chance of getting your money back through the police, sad to say is probably close to nil.

    As machiavellian as it may sound, I would use turning them into the police as leverage to get my money back first, then report them.
  12. :tup: The process of getting some sort of statement of fraudulent labeling from the Gucci store, with photos of the bag, which you will send to the seller in order to avail yourself of their guarantee will give you documentation to take to the police.

    And you will have your money back! :smile:

    I would be prepared, however, depending on the crime rate versus law enforcement resources situation in your community, for the possibility that though they will do what they feel is the best choice for your community, their response might not include the zeal and thoroughness you would hope for.

    You could also send copies of all your documents, photos, etc to Gucci, and you can be sure that they will act in accordance with what they feel is in the best interest of the company.

    You will be rewarded with the knowledge that you have provided documentation of the event to your local police and to the company, and the assurance that both entities will do what they think best - AND you will have your money back - money that you can use to buy a bag that was really manufactured by Gucci, which was, after all, what you wanted in the first place! :smile:
  13. I paid with cash and kept the receipt! Thank you for advice!!