How often do you rotate a bag, on average?

  1. my frequency varies but i rotate bags every 1 to 3 days.
  2. Constantly and often use multiple bags in a single day depending upon what I am doing. I use my b30 almost every day. I have some LV bags for different tasks. A neverfull for travel, (much as I get sick of seeing this bag everywhere very few bags beat its functionality), a delightful that i take to tennis courts (sometimes I take my B but only if I am practicing with my husband...I dont trust others to not spray sunblock on it and I dont want to make people uncomfortable) I have another LV with zippers that I carry when I dont really want to take a B and I have yet another small crossbody LV I take for neighborhood chores. I will probably get an Evelyne for that purpose at some point or a C. I am not using my K at all. It is beautiful but it is just not working for me. My B35s I use more on the weekends but I may start using more for work if I can find a lighter laptop sleeve with a strap.
  3. I change / roatate my bag daily. Depending on the weather, I try avoid to bring my precious BK out in the rain. And other reason for the rotation of bag, its to match the color of my outfit :smile:)
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  4. Every couple of days, at the very least 1x every other week! If I just got a new bag, I will probably wear it for a few weeks out of excitement :P
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  5. Not often as I should! You ladies make me feel like I need to pick up the slack. I have a dedicated work purse, and try not to bring anything too flashy. It's really a shame that I don't rotate my bags and enjoy my collection more.
  6. almost daily unless the bag i wore yesterday goes with today's outfit
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  7. I rotate my bags anything from 1 day to 1 week. But I normally uses a different bag for weekends (e.g. Evelyne/Lindy/Bolide) so I guess no more than 5 straight days in a row for me.
  8. every couple of days depending on my outfit and weather.
  9. Not nearly as frequently as I should. I'm just lazy.