How often do you rotate a bag, on average?

  1. It's been easy to rotate my bags since discovering the bag organizer..nothing gets left behind.:yes::smile::tup:
  2. i clear out my bags after each use, or at least i try to :P so it makes changing bags easier.
    i carry different bags with different clothes so i choose daily rotation or at least i change every other day.
  3. ditto!
  4. Daily or at least every other day
  5. It depends a lot on my mood and schedule.. ;) Usually I use the same bag for about 1-2 weeks, but then again sometimes I might change them even twize a day (day / evening). I changed my bag yesterday and will probably wear this one for the weekend, then change again!
  6. about every 2 -3 weeks or the weather has me changing out of box and into togo or swift...naughty rain
  7. Every few days or weekly at most (when I get lazy).
  8. Daily. :smile:
  9. This describes me exactly
  10. Like Ice, I tend to favor a "new" bag for a few weeks...then it goes into more random weekend rotation... I tend to carry one bag consistently during the work week...
  11. I get obsessive about a particular bag and I would use it few workday weeks at a time. And then I would wake up and like 'oh I love this other bag too' and start the whole obsessive compulsive routine of using the same bag for a few weeks straight again LOL. So yeah, a little crazy but I tend to use the heck out of a bag and then rotate to another one. Talking about true workhorses huh.
  12. I am encouraged to hear that many of you change every day or every week or so. I don't feel like such a nut now, since I too have been doing this lately. Previously, I would carry one for two or three months, and then rotate to the other one. Perhaps its due to getting a couple of new ones this year, I have been using a different one every couple of days. I find that a subsidiary benefit of this is that you keep the level of clutter in your bag down considerably, because you are cleaning it out frequently.
  13. Off topic, but, xiao every time I see your avatar, I am struck by how sweet your son is. He is SO adorable.
  14. thank you so much, Jedi!!!! :hugs: the pix is taken in the doc office last week. Wasn't happy after the doc came. :smile:
  15. the cleaning out the clutter/junk is the good part.
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