How often do you rotate a bag, on average?

  1. Almost every week or every other week for every day bags. On the weekends I throw on an evening bag or something.
  2. schedule. Kinda like XiaoXiao, I'll obsess over one bag for a few weeks or even months then look in my closet and realize how great another bag is.
  3. This has been hard for me as I carried the same handbag for 16 years - every single day, other than church or going out to dressy events in the evening. It was a LV monogramed canvas and went with everything. When I got my cocoan Kelly, it became my everyday workhorse.

    Then this fall, I got my BB Kelly. Clearly, I don't like changing bags but I also would NEVER buy a bag that I didn't use regularly. So, I bought a wicker basket with a canvas liner. I keep it on the table where I would typically put my bag - keep car keys there in a bowl and my iPhone plugs in there. When I come in for the last time for the day, I empty my bag into this basket unless I'm certain I will be carrying the same bag the next day. Then the next day, I decide which Kelly I want to carry - it depends on what I'm wearing and also on the weather. I can easily re-load my bag from the basket. I rotate based on color needed and weather. This is working for me.
  4. I change out every night. I would like to think that this is because I'm so particular and stylish, but I think it really means I need something else to do.
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  5. India, great idea about the basket. I tend to carry a diaper bag, my picotin or my kelly and end up with all 3 bags and their contents in a pile on my dining room table by the end of the week just from switching back and forth.
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  6. India, your wicker basket concept is so elegant.
  7. Good morning. This might be already addressed, but I've got 2 Birkins- etoupe and prune, in addition to an Evelyn. I go through periods of using them and then not using them. My evelyn gets pulled out pretty much just for vacations. I know the leather is durable, but I'm afraid to use them daily as I'm noticing some slight cracking on the handles of my prune Birkin. Lately, I'm favoriting my Chloe Marcie and my LV neverfull (boy that's a beat up bag!). How often do you all use your Hermes bags? I'd love to use them daily but I want them to LAST!
  8. How often or what do you use them for?

    Cracks in the handles don't sound good but don't forget you can get your handles replaced if need be. Sometimes the acid in our hands (through the skin skin) can eat into the finish of the leather, try wearing your Bs with twillys, this may help.

    Just like shoes bags also benefit from rotation. It gives them a chance to dry/air between wears, just don't put them away whilst on rotation. Also, don't put them away in their dust bag until a couple of days after use and never back in their box for long periods of time
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  9. I rotate mine daily. I feel like Princess Langwidere from the Wizard of Oz, but with bags instead of a closet full of heads.
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  10. Are the handles cracked or is it just the resin coating on the handle edges that is cracked? In either case, Hermes can fix the problem, although replacing the handles completely will be much more expensive.

    As far as how often I use my H bags, right now, all the time! I'm currently rotating between my PM Evelyne, GP and barenia K35. These bags are built tough and are meant to be used!
  11. Princess Langwidere! I totally forgot about her. What a wonderful reference, thank you for reminding me of it.

    For those unfamiliar with L. Frank Baum's entire Wizard of Oz book series, she's from the volume Ozma of Oz. She is vain and dreadful and awesome:

    (To stay on topic: I use a different bag on the weekends. I change my work bag with the seasons and the weather.)
  12. Daily
    Sometimes I feel bad for a bag that has been neglected though, like my silkycity really needs to see the daylight again :lol:
  13. I rotate mine every 2-3 days or so. Normally 2 bags within a work week and another weekend bag. Sometimes if we are out the whole weekend and gets to go home late on a Sunday, the Sunday bag gets to go to work on Monday (like today) :biggrin:
  14. Just the handle glazing
  15. I have one for the week (to take to work), then on Friday I switch to a weekend bag (typically a cross body or anything low maintenance). On Monday, I'll switch again for another bag to take to work for another week.

    I used to switch them a lot more often to match the outfit (sometimes 2-3 times during a workweek), but with work, a small kid and travel it's one more thing to worry about and I find keeping the bag constant and making sure the outfit matches is a LOT easier exercise in the morning!

    On my rotations:
    K32 Gris T Clemence
    B35 Blue Agate Epsom
    B40 Gold Togo [rarely used due to size]
    L30 Blue Saint Clemence
    J31 Crevette Clemence

    then I have a few H clutches for the evenings if we ever find the energy to go out. ;)
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