How often do you rotate a bag, on average?

  1. How often do you change from carrying one bag to another? Every day? Every couple of days? Every few weeks?

    I realized this week that I had carried four different bags already, and will move to a fifth tomorrow. I wondered if other people do this or if most folks stick with one bag for a few weeks or months before rotating to a different one.

    I realize this must be one of the most inane questions ever asked on tpf, but I really am interested in knowing.
  2. Every few days for me. I enjoy them all so I rotate them frequently.
  3. I only have one H bag (with another one coming soon), but I do have alot of Balenciaga's and some LV's ... I try to switch them out every week to keep a good rotation going and make sure they all get their fair share of attention. :smile:
  4. Every few days, it is such a lovely feeling to experience each bag. :tup:
  5. daily
  6. I love this question Jedimaster. All my bags are more or less neutral so I change them every few days or at last every week.
  7. Depends on how new it is, lol! If it's new I tend to favor it for weeks then settle into a daily/every other day/twice a day random routine if that makes any sense...
  8. I pretty much change every day. Twice, if I'm going out at night.
  9. I'm totally like icechick! If it's brand new, I probably wear it day in and day out, and match my outfits to my bag!

    But generally, the funnest, girliest part of my day is picking out the handbag I'm going to wear tomorrow, and how to work my outfit around it! :heart:
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  10. I don't think I have a rotation plan. Sometimes I wear a bag for a long time than it is in the closet for a while. Sometimes I wear another bag every other day :smile:
  11. It depends for me too. I wear one for a while and then rotate. But unless I am going out at night my rotation is usually a couple of days.
  12. My weekday bags, I carry until I feel like a change which is usually around 3-4x a year. Then I carry different bags on the weekend if I have the time. Its hard with the baby, switching out all your belongings.
  13. Until I got my Lindy, which I've carried every single day since, I rotated sometimes daily and sometimes weekly - depending on how lazy I was. It was just whatever mood struck me.
  14. Depends what I have scheduled for the day. Some days might require 3 different bags, other times I might use the same bag for days!

    And whenever I get a new day bag, I tend to use it intensively for a while, crossing over to evening too unless it's a dressy do.
  15. I rotate often, sometimes I do it everyday. It depends on my outfit though.