How often do you cut and color your hair?

  1. Usually I cut my hair three times a year. I don't color it at all, I prefer my natural color (I'm blond). But I'm pregnant now and I haven't cut my hair for more than 6 months. I decided to change my haircut after the birth of my second baby. As my hair is really long now, I'm thinking about shag hairstyle. I've already found a good collection on . I want to create something like this:
    I think that this hairstyle won't need much time to look after as I'll be too busy with the baby. What do you think, girls? What hairstyles did you do after the birth?
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  2. I usually do highlights and a cut every 6 months - I can't afford to go more often and my hair doesn't grow terribly fast so I can get away with it. I wish I could go more often, because I usually wait until my hair looks like garbage to get it done again.
  3. My hair grows super fast so I get a cut every 6 weeks. I have at least 50% grey (natural is a light-medium brown) I get blonde highlights and darker lowlights and it's great I only need to do it every 12 weeks. Camouflages the grey better than if I dyed it dark- the roots hardly show with the coloring I get.
  4. My hair is pixie short and pink right now :smile: so I can only get away with every 5 weeks or so.
  5. I get my hair cut done about every 2-3 months.