How often do you cut and color your hair?

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  1. I cut my hair about 2-3 times a year. And rarely color it because it's too damaging.
  2. i cut and color about every 8 weeks..sometimes longer if im lazy.
  3. i try to endue as long as possible...but my hair grows every 6~7 weeks.
  4. I usually get it cut and colored depending on how fast my roots grow back... its usually between 2-3 months
  5. I get my haircut every 6 weeks, I get highlights roughly every 12 weeks.
  6. Wow!! Lots of 6 to 8 weeks... Mine is more like 6 to 8 months. But just recently, I found a hair stylist that I love and I travel there so often, that it's more like 3 to 5 months.

    My color gets done every few months because I used to highlight my hair alot and the solid brown color fades on those blonde strands PLUS I need to cover those grays. Had those grays since I was 14... **sigh**

    I used to pay $350 - $450 (no tip yet) to get it cut and colored every 3 months, but now it's very low key. I found that I love love Japanese haircuts, so I tried it out and now when I travel to Asia, I get it cut for $3.50... Yep, three dollars and fifty cents. That includes a $1.50 tip. LOL!
    I love my razor japanese-inspired cuts. If I can't travel to Asia, I think I'll have to go to J-town and find a hairdresser.

    I love tPF! Now I'm inspired to get caramel highlights to frame the face. Thanks, OP!
  7. I cut my hair once every 4 months but I need to cut my fringe every 2 months.
  8. I get my haircut every 3 months along with coloring hair.
  9. i cut about every 3-4months and color every 4-5months. honestly, do it only when the roots bother me.
  10. Cut, color, & highlights every 5 weeks like clockwork.

    I don't understand how all of you can go so long between appointments. I'm envious.
  11. if you think you're crazy then you must think i'm nuts since i haven't cut my hair in over a year as i recall but i really should go for a trim.
  12. All over color is high maintenance!! Roots would bother me a lot and my hair grows pretty fast..I imagine that I'd have to get it done every 5 weeks! Wow..this is why I love my highlights. :smile:
  13. I get highlights and a cut roughly every 2 months. It's a process though, so if I'm feeling lazy it's more like 3 months.
  14. Every 8-10 weeks. If I try to go longer than that, my bangs get all shaggy and drive me crazy. I also like to experiment with colour, but right now I'm very close to my natural (dark) colour and it's super healthy, so I may just get a subtle tint. I have an appointment on Fri!
  15. i get my hair cut every 3 monthes, and dye it every month, my hair fades easy its black/white/blue