How often do you cut and color your hair?

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  1. I think that I should have my cut and color done every 6-8 weeks, but it's so expensive! How often do you cut/color your hair?
  2. I used to go for 3 months without cutting my hair but now that i've found a hairstylist i love i go every 6 weeks on the dot! I usually get my highlights every 6 weeks but since I am doing a darker more natural color now, I only have to go see my colorist every 8 weeks or so. The cost does add up but its worth looking good!
  3. I go once every 3 months to get my hair highlighted. I just dont have the time or patience to go any more than that- getting a full set of highlights is such a time commitment! But then again I have light brown hair and so when my roots come in its not that noticeable. If you have darker hair and are getting blonde highlights I would just go whenever you start to notice that your roots are getting bad.
  4. I get my hair fully done (highlight, color and cut) about every 4 months. I'm too poor to do it that often. Plus I my highlights are all underneath my hair (and she cuts it so the bright red peaks through) So they're I guess I get low-lights done. I do get my bangs trimmed more often from my stylist.
  5. I get my hair cut every 8 weeks. I don't colour my hair because I have natural blond highlights that I like anyway.
  6. My cut and color are done by two different people. The woman who cuts my hair has been doing it freelance for 15+years after giving up her leased chair in a salon for a career change but I just adore her. She comes to my house and does the whole works! I get a cut about every 2 months or so.

    Color: Every 6-7 weeks, 8 if I can stretch it. I have a fabulous colorist in the downtown area so it's a fun mix of having a salon experience combined with the casualness of having someone else come by my house who is also a pro but hasn't raised her rates with me in over 10+ years! I still tip her, of course.
  7. I color my own, about every 4 weeks (redheads fade BADLY, esp in all the sun here!). I trim it myself too, about every other time I color. And when I need an actual cut, I wait til I see my mom (hairdresser) about every 6 months or so. I've been to several expensive hairdressers and decided that I like the way I do it better, especially since it doesn't cost me $200 each time!
  8. I don't get my hair cut regularly, but usually every few months. I just got my hair highlighted for the first time, but I will probably get it touched up every few months along with the trim. Highlights are low maintenance. YAY
  9. I have a short haircut that is definitely cut into a specific style, so I have to get it cut every month or so. But I have a few different people that know how to do it well, depending on where I am and what I have time for. As for coloring, it depends on my mood. I get it done whenever I feel like it. Usually every 6 weeks or so.

    If I'm willing to spend the money to get my nails done and have makeup, I'm not going to ignore my hair. I'd rather spend the money on my body than on a variety of bags. But that's just me :biggrin: I get the most compliments on my cute hair, and fun makeup, than I do on 'oh that shirt is hot' ... no matter what brand it what I don't spend on my clothes, I spend on beauty. It evens out! I only spend serious cash on good jeans. Otherwise, it's American Eagle and stuff like that for shirts.
  10. I get mine cut and colored every 4-6 weeks. I have hair though that grows ridiculously fast and in a month I will have 1 1/2 inch roots showing. So it's necessary to cut and color mine this often just to keep up with my hair's growth!
  11. candace, your hair is really cute!
  12. wow... I must be crazy but I only cut my hair maybe twice a year! lol
    I don't do anything to my hair though, no colour, no perm, no styling...etc been there done that. I like it au naturel now, I feel FREE lol. Kate Moss = inspiration LOL
  13. I do it about every 10 weeks. I could probably stand to do it sooner, but I have long straight hair and highlights on top so it's not too bad when it starts growing out.
  14. ^^You're not crazy, the last time I darkened the door of a salon was 3 years ago! I trim my hair myself---I've found a technique that gives me a pretty decent A-line bob--and color it myself as well. Recently I went back to blonde so I just do a roots touch-up about every 8 weeks.
  15. I get a cut and colour (full highlights plus base colour) about every 4 months, but inbetween that (ie. 2 months in) I get it cut and just the base colour put in on the roots just to keep me going, and keep those pesky greys away!!