how much do you pay montly for your phone?

  1. I pay around $250 for 5 phones. I have 3 iPhones and 2 reg. with unlimited data/texting. We share 1500 minutes per month, but always have too many roll over minutes.
  2. I pay around 35€ per month for unlimited minutes to landlines, 50 minutes to cell phone numbers, unlimited texts and unlimited internet.
  3. Man, I feel like I'm getting screwed.

    2 iPhones
    1400 shared minutes
    Unlimited Nights, Weekends, Mobile-to-Mobile, and 10 phone numbers
    Unlimited Data
    Unlimited Texting =
    approx. $220-230 a month

    WTH? :sad:
  4. I pay $50.00 a month with Boost and get unlimited everything. I have a 3G Android phone that's awesome...and every six months they knock $5 off my bill down to $35.00 a month.

    I'm so happy now....I hated paying $120.00 a month with Sprint.
  5. First off, do you need 1400 minutes? With unlimited M2M, most people barely use their anytime minutes, so you might be able to cut back there. I think the 10 numbers costs extra too.
    Also, Google "AT&T Premier" enter your work email and see if you qualify for any discounts.
  6. I pay about $93 a month for my iPhone. This is with unlimited text & data and 450 minutes. It also includes 5000 nights & weekends minutes + rollover minutes.
  7. OMG :hugs: Thank you for the advice about AT&T Premier. I'm definitely going to look into that!

    With regards to the minutes: I think we could only go down to 700 and then we wouldn't have the 10 free numbers anymore. I do talk a lot on the phone, especially while I'm driving and I have a long commute every day.
  8. Queennadine: Do you also have to pay for the UL data? I was grandfathered in to the free data because I was with ATT before the changes.
  9. i pay $225 for 3 smart phones (Droid X, HTC Thunderbolt, and Droid 2) on Verizon

    -700 minutes (which with all 3 lines we barely get to 300-400...but its the lowest amount we can go for the unlimited plan)
    -free nights starting at 9pm and weekends
    -unlimted calls to and from any cell phone provider (which works b/c noone i call has a land line...just when i have to call my mom at work/800 numbers/bill companies)
    -unlimted text/picture text
    -that also includes the insurance on all 3 of the phones
    -3g and 4g with the HTC Thunderbolt whenever it comes available where i live

    ....think that covers the basic...and we also split the final bill 3 ways so i pay only $75 a month which isnt bad considering what i get (my fiance and his brother are the other lines).
  10. unrelated: i was pulled over for being on my phone today. my phone was in the backseat.

    the officer accused me of deleting my calls from the call-log. i was shaking. i tried to show him that the last call i made was 15 minutes ago (from my laundry room), and he said i was still on the phone.

    he called me a liar in front of my 12 year old. my son said "my mom is not a liar".

    after 15 minutes of running my name/registration...he finally let me go.

    i'm still upset.
  11. wow i cante believe he did that! i'd be so pissed! i'm not sure what i would of done? i have my phone plugged into my aux outlet to listen to pandora. sorry to hear that happened to you
  12. when the sirens and lights went off, i figured i had a tailight or breaklight out. i haven't been pulled over in years, and i am always kind/nice to whoever pulls me over...kindness is much better than hostility.

    i'm not going to lie, there are many times when i would be caught red-handed with the phone in my hand....but it was nowhere near me.

    i was embarassed that he would speak to me with such disrespect in front of my child, i nearly cried...i was shaking. it was so demeaning. i teach my children to speak to law enforcement with respect, and tell the truth.

    he had a partner on my other door giving us the stare-down. i seriously thought they were going to pull me out of the vehicle. it was like they thought i had crack under the seat or something. i'm a mom driving a minivan in a suburban neighborhood.

    i wish i could complain, but my husband said it would fall on deaf ears. i hope i never see that little pr!ck again.
  13. yea sucks that theres people out there that just think everyone is guilty of something. good to know you kept your cool and got away without them winning.
  14. $85 for my Blackberry with AT&T. :oh:
  15. For my blackberry, I pay $50 to Sprint for unlimited data and web (calls are unlimited nights, weekends, and to other Sprint customers). I mostly use my phone to text, chat and surf the web so it works for me.