how much do you pay montly for your phone?

  1. I usually get a phone bill for my three wireless devices (two mobile and one data usb) - one of which I rarely use, the other I use all the time, and one is basically just there because of the cheap phones I can get on the plan - and I used to work for the biggest telco in Australia and now work for the second biggest, so my addiction to new phones and being on my phone has been well cared for!

    I have a BlackBerry 9800 at the moment that I am using on my main plan, the plan itself costs me $59AUD on the Telstra Freedom Connect BYO plan which gives me $800AUD in calls and mms monthly, unlimited text messaging to Australian networks, 2GB of WAP data usage monthly, and then I pay an additonal $10AUD per month for unlimited BIS usage.

    My back up plan is a Telstra staff plan where I pay $10 a month for up to $39 in usage, and regardless of whether I use it, I get a $15 credit a month against any handset repayments hence why I keep it around. I then also get the phones for cheaper too in addition to the monthly credit which is a bonus. I recently got the BlackBerry Bold 9780 for $15 a month on this plan but then dropped it on its face and had to claim it on my phone insurance.

    My phone insurance is also with Telstra (past four years working for them, I'm still edging out of their umbrella) and is $14.95 a month for a $250 once off cost if I need a replacement. In a month or two I will be claiming my 9780 with the smashed screen. $1000AUD phone replaced for $250AUD, yes please!

    I then also have a BigPond wireless USB internet stick which is $29.95/month for 400MB monthly shaped usage, and I basically have this on a plan because I wanted to keep my old email address. Waste of money originally but now it's handy to have on hand for laptops to access emails and whatnot when the wi-fi provided is shocking at hotels and so on and so forth.

    Altogether, and I apologise for the extremely boring detail of the above, my phone bill averages at $138 to $230 every month depending on my phone repayments and how much I paid previously (I like to prepay some cash into my account when I'm feeling a bit generous so my next bill isn't as big).

    *sigh* I wish we had minutes plans because I barely ever actually phone people these days.
  2. 95$ for just me on my iphone.
    450 mins
    unlimited data
    unlimited txts

    i feel ripped off but thats the smallest plan they have
  3. $40.00 Simple mobile (T-Mobile network) no contract, no deposit, unlimited talk text. I also pay for a "Clear Spot" mobile 4G internet hub that I use at home for internet as well. between the 2 about $50.00 I have unlimited 4G internet access, talk text....I'm using an unlocked iPhone 4. Good Bye foreveer Sprint! take that monthly bill with you :smile:
  4. $100/month for my Blackberry, including unlimited talk/text/internet/bbm - with Tmobile. I've been with them for 6 years.
  5. We have a family plan (my sister, nephew and myself) My nephew and I pay 65.00/month (we have iphones) my sis pays less (no iphone) unlimited text, i think 1gb data plan. We never go over our talk time (we always have tons of roll over minutes)
  6. $25 for 300 minutes, unlimited everything else.
  7. mine is £50 a month which is $82 and I get 1200 minutes, unlimited texts and 750 data allowance
  8. $147. for 3 lines with AT&T. I have an iphone, husband & son just have cell phones for now. Unlimited texting, not sure on the minutes but we never even get close to using them all.
  9. ~ $101/month after all taxes/fees, etc. T-Mobile. I have unlimited minutes/text/pictures/data. And I'm a Windows Phone girl all the way, baby. Love my HTC.
  10. Verizon family plan

    $149 including all taxes and fees for 4 phones

    My iPhone with unlimited data
    DH's Android with unlimited data
    My dad's regular cellphone
    My aunt's regular cellphone

    1000 peak time talk minutes, unlimited nights and weekends
  11. $90 for my blackberry w/ AT&T (unlimited data and text)
  12. Altogether on the family plan that I share with my sister plus my netbook internet plan.. about 200.00. Just me, 130.00

    If I could get prepaid I would
  13. I have a BlackBerry on VZW, and my bill is usually around $90 for just myself. This includes 450 minutes (for peak times and calls that aren't to other VZW subscribers), unlimited night and weekend talk time to anyone on any provider, unlimited VZW txt/mms messaging plus 500 txt/mms to non-VZW subscribers, and unlimited data. This plan works well for me because just about everyone I know is on VZW, which eliminates the need for a ton of minutes.

  14. This is exactly much what I have, but a Droid instead of iPhone. I have Verizon. I only use 100 out of the 450 minutes a month because most of my friends/family have Verizon (free Verizon to Verizon) and I don't really talk on the phone during the day (free nights/weekends). I also feel ripped off.
  15. We pay about $155 for my boyfriend and I on Sprint, I get a company discount. We have unlimited texting/data(we get a surcharge for having smart phones, $10/each). I'm not sure how many minutes we have, it's never an issue because it's unlimited between cell phones. We shopped around a lot before settling on Sprint, and it was by far the cheapest at the time for what we wanted.