how much do you pay montly for your phone?

  1. i just switched to sprint (never in a million years would i think of moving to them). i have been with ATT since it was Airtouch in the early 90s.

    i wanted to upgrade to an iphone...then looked at how much more it is per month versus other providers. my husband's company pays for his plan, so i wasn't getting any family benefits.

    i got an everything plan from sprint for $79, and they take 18% off my bill for a work-related affiliation.

    downside, didn't get an iphone....but i got a samsung google phone.

    i thought the service would be crummy...and was totally hesitant to leave ATT, but it's much better reception than i had with far so good. except the 4g isn't strong yet...but i don't really know what that is to be honest.
  2. Our family pays $190. a month with Verizon.

    We have 4 phones.....2 have unlimited data plans. We all have unlimited text/pic messaging. And we share 700 minutes.

    It's me, my husband, and my parents on the plan. My husband and I have the data phones.
  3. $170 per month for me and DH's Droids on Verizon's unlimited everything plan
  4. pay 200.00 for a family plan for 4 (me, BF, my mom and my dad)

    2 phones have unlimited data plans(iphones). We all have unlimited text/pic messaging. And we share 700 minutes.
  5. $140 for two phones on Verizon, and only mine has unlimited everything. I feel like I pay too much for it, but in comparison to other posters, I guess it's pretty average. Still wish there was something cheaper (but reliable) out there, though, since I'm not always thrilled with Verizon's customer service.
  6. I pay about $89 a month for an AT&T iphone with 450 minutes and unlimited text and data.
  7. $185 for family plan AT&T with 2 iPhones. Not sure on the minutes but I always have tons left over and I text/call a lot.
  8. AT&T - 2 lines, non-smartphone (no data plan), only one line w/$5 texting option - $90. We share 700 minutes but have TONS leftover - we probably have 4,000 rollover minutes right now.
  9. AT&T
    ~175 for 3 phones, all 3 with smartphone plans, 750 anytime minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile (so we never go over the 750 limit), unlimited texts.
  10. I have an iPhone with AT&T, and with unlimited data, unlimited texts and unlimited mobile to mobile calls, I pay $105 for my mom and I. She doesn't have an iPhone and I get a 25% because of where I work, thankfully.
  11. $25 monthly - 150 daytime mins and unlimited evenings/nights and weekends. I can't use the phone during the day when at work so it's the perfect plan for me.
  12. Got the iPhone with Verizon a few days ago so I am guessing my bill will be around $90-$100 a month. I had thought aboout going back to Sprint because I do love their prices but not their service.
  13. I pay $70/month for unlimited data, texts and mobile to mobile with 450 minutes on my smartphone. I never go over my minutes.

    I got 5% off from my job. Not at lot but it works.
  14. 108 with Verizon, single plan, unlimited everything.
  15. Man cell phones are expensive!