how much do you pay montly for your phone?

  1. $150 with AT&T, 450 minutes (never have went over), rollover, mobile to mobile, unlimited texting, corporate discount of 13%. We have 5 phones, 2 have smartphone data packages on them.

    Unless I can find another provider that can give us a better rate than what we pay now(which I doubt LOL), we'll be with AT&T for the long haul.
  2. Right?!?! I literally use under 100 mins a month, I have over 2500 roll over... Wth am I going to do with that?!
    But I don't hve free nts or wkends.. I think I get 1500. But those don't roll over
    If I could get away with signing up or the senior citizen plan, I would...

    I know. I'm paying for the luxury of the iPhone. Ugh...
  3. Wow.. you guys get great phone deals over there.. here in New Zealand our plans suck, plus we have to pay a lot for the phone. :sad: I pay $89NZ and only get 120mins and the phone cost me $600
  4. I know right!! I remember when everyone still had those cheap little flip-phones that were the hottest thing ever and texted for $10 a month. And then they invented smartphones...
  5. I usually pay $100 for my cellphone expenses per month.
  6. $300 for 6 phones on AT&T. I feel AT&T is best if you travel a lot.
  7. Hi ladies! I just "upgraded" to a BlackBerry from my iPhone, and when I got the iPhone it was a longlong time ago when AT&T still offered unlimited data for only $29.99 a month, I think. I was told by AT&T that in order to get a bb I need to switch to a data plan specifically for the bb, and so I can no longer keep my unlimited data plan unless I want to pay $79.99 a month, or however much it is. I'm trying out the $15.oo minimum data plan now, and do any of you ladies know exactly how much you can do with that plan? In terms of checking your email, using YouTube, using maps, etc...
  8. With my iPhone 3GS, I am signed onto a 3 year contract for 500MB of data/month for $25.

    That makes my plan total $80something for 200 minutes, 6PM and weekend unlimited calling, and unlimited texting. What a rip-off. I really hate Rogers. ):
  9. $25 per month ........
    with night free ;)
  10. $1,000+ minutes, unlimited data and text on Tmobile and I pay $120 a month. I'm calling them tomorrow to see if it can get lowered- I thought getting an iPhone on AT&T would cost me more, but what I am seeing is that everyone else pays less than I am paying for an android.
  11. $69.99 (not including 20% company discount) 450 minutes, unlimited everything else. Also have unlimited calling to 3 numbers and any mobile line. That is until tomorrow when my HTC 3D arrives and I get on the $79.99 Unlimited Everything plan.
  12. I have a Boost Mobile plan and purchased the Samsung Galaxy Prevail smartphone. They seem to have the best rates for a smartphone. The plan I signed up for is the Shrinkage Plan. It has unlimited everything and costs $50 per month for the first six months, after that it's reduced $5 for each subsequent six months of consecutive on time payments until it reaches $35 a month for unlimited everything. After that it's $35. Best deal I could find.
  13. Mobilicity in Toronto

    Unlimited talk, text and data $25.00 per month.

    Trade off? Reception is kinda shotty.

    I'll most likely change of too Koodo or Virgin Mobile for better reception.
  14. For the people with prepaid plans (Boost, T-Mobile) how's the service? Also, for those plans to be so cheap, you probably had to pay full price for the phone, right? I need a new phone but am unsure if I should leave Sprint and switch to T-mobile or just stay.
  15. Boost uses Sprint. I paid full price for my phone at Radio Shack, however, I have seen the phone on sale on the Boost website, Radio Shack & Best Buy. Also, either QVC or HSN frequently put it on special with non interest payments.